Attention extrAction & environment TIG and all people interested in climate disruption!  On March 19 at noon, Folly of Frack will be presented in the Hilton's Pavilion East Ballroom.

We are a small troupe of fossil fuel activists with a play, Folly of Frack---25 minutes, free and family-friendly.

With an energetic flurry of bizarre characters, we offer fast-paced entertainment to introduce the harms of full-cycle fracked gas production. In Oregon last summer, we presented the play along with comment-writing workshops addressing the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline.

The play is now expanded to include the Kalama Methanol Refinery and the Tacoma LNG Terminal proposals.

Folly of Frack just returned from shows in Vancouver, Tacoma, Seattle, Bellevue and Everett, WA.

  • We want to help stop fracked gas projects. 

  • Currently scheduling more free performances throughout Washington and Oregon. 

  • Available to be part of a public event, meeting, action and/or a comment-writing workshop. 

  • We facilitate comment-writing workshops, if needed.

  • Contact us for more info and to book Folly of Frack.

"The fracked gas industry wants to lock the Northwest into decades more of dirty fracked gas consumption and export. As an effective alternative to PowerPoint presentations, Folly of Frack connects all the dots on why people should speak up for clean energy and creatively tells them how they can make a difference."

-Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, Senior Organizer, Columbia Riverkeeper

"Folly of Frack is a delightful play that engages a broad audience in the dangers of fracked gas. What a fun way to learn about this serious issue! The acting team is a total blast, and they are certain to drive home the importance of taking local action!" 

-Victoria Leistman, Dirty Fuels Organizer, Sierra Club

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