ExtrACTION & Environment TIG

August 1, 2019


Society for Applied Anthropology 80th Annual Meeting

Albuquerque, New Mexico

March 17-21, 2020

“Cultural Citizenship and Diversity in Complex Societies

The SfAA’s ExtrACTION and Environment topical interest group (TIG) welcomes organized sessions, individual papers, posters, and more* that deal with any aspect of social scientific engagement with resource extraction, environmental politics and activism, and human-environment relationships. We are delighted to include sessions you organize but can also place individually-submitted abstracts into an appropriate session.  We look forward to seeing you!

The theme for the 2020 SfAA meeting is “Cultural Citizenship and Diversity in Complex Societies.” As one of the most interesting—and most imperative—dimensions of contemporary cultural citizenship, we anticipate a stimulating set of presentations and conversations around key environmental themes.

*Beyond the usual conference papers, we welcome community studies, practical workshops, film screenings, poster presentations, theoretical and ethical analyses, poetry, plays and puppet shows, site tours, and more!


OPTION 1: Organize a session! Take ownership of a topic and invite others to participate. You can ask people you know or send out a “call for papers” on the ExtrACTION listserv (extraction-TIG@googlegroups.com) or another relevant list. All you need is a 100-word abstract for the session. Paper authors will supply their own 100-word abstracts.

OPTION 2: Propose an individual presentation of your work. All you need is a 100-word abstract. We’ll form the actual sessions.

For now…if you are interested in organizing a session, roundtable, or workshop, please send preliminary inquiries to Anna Willow (willow.1@osu.edu). Later, you'll be asked to send a title, 100-word abstract explaining the session’s topic, and a list of potential participants. For workshops, please also specify what kind of facilities or resources you might need. Feel free to get in touch with any questions that arise. 
For planning purposes, we would like hear from you as soon as possible and to receive proposals for sessions, roundtables, and workshops by September 15, 2019. Participants will be provided with instructions on how to submit to the SfAA’s conference portal before the official October 15, 2019 deadline. Now is the time to start planning!

For those who wish to submit individual papers, there will be a button to click to indicate the TIG cluster you want to review your submission. Just select ExtrACTION and Environment!

We anticipate that a “New Mexico Day” will be held on the first day of the conference and will feature speakers and panel discussions from nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and independent researchers working on issues related to extraction and environment in the region. To participate or for more information on New Mexico Day, please contact Jeanne Simonelli (simonejm@wfu.edu) or Stephanie Paladino (macypal@gmail.com).

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