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Editor-in-Chief, Human Organization

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) announces a search for a new Editor(s)-in-Chief of Human Organization, a journal that has been recognized as a leading scientific publication in applied social science since its founding in 1941. The journal is published four times annually and is directed toward interdisciplinary as well as anthropological audiences. Human Organization is a benefit to SfAA’s membership of over 2000 individuals and has subscriptions with over 500 institutions. Editors of Human Organization have the distinction of selecting and curating exciting new material to inform and influence the discipline of anthropology and related social sciences. Editors ideally show dedication and enthusiasm for this service and opportunity to work in community with the SfAA and other journal editors as well as our community of authors.

The term of the current editors, Nancy Romero-Daza and David Himmelgreen, ends in December 2022. The successor’s term will begin on January 1, 2023. The current editors will assist the new editor(s) to ensure a smooth transition.

The initial term of service for the new Editor-in-Chief will be three years. The term is renewable for one additional three-year period. Human Organization’s editor is appointed by, and reports to, the Board of Directors of the Society for Applied Anthropology. 

In addition to making a three-year commitment, candidates for the position will ideally demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity about how to advance the journal, including identifying sources of editorial assistance to promote and cultivate the journal within the contemporary publishing landscape. These could include teaching release time (where possible) and other institutional support to supplement SfAA resources, working with SfAA to identify and utilize graduate student interns, adding to and building an active pattern of utilizing a diverse editorial board for the journal, and implementing other novel ideas. It is important to the SfAA that our editorial positions be open to anthropologists and related social sciences across domains of application and career paths. We recognize that support structures proposed by different candidates may vary, and we welcome creative and collaborative thinking along those lines. Additional criteria include: 

  • Experience as a journal editor, associate or guest editor, and/or member of an editorial board

  • A strong record of publication in applied social sciences

  • A history of involvement in applied social science research/practice

In accordance with our values as a professional society we especially welcome candidates from groups that have been historically underrepresented in our discipline and in esteemed editorial roles. 

Individuals or small teams interested in applying for the position should provide the Human Organization Editor Search Committee a Letter of Intent by August 1, which can help initiate discussion and provide preliminary information.

Applications will be reviewed upon receipt, and should be submitted as soon as possible to ensure ample time for the selection process and a strong transition. Please include the following materials in your application: 

  1. A proposal that indicates the candidate’s experience, ideas, and vision for the journal:

a.    Ideas and vision for promoting and supporting the journal in the larger landscape of contemporary publishing and social media.

b.    A plan to support this work, including plans for support (such as release time, space, equipment and editorial assistance granted by a home institution/employer; and/or planned collaborations within SfAA, including graduate interns, editorial board utilization, etc.).    

c.    If applying as a duo or small team, include how the team will work together, including  sharing of responsibilities, and information on your demonstrated success in collaboration.

  1. A copy of the candidate’s vita or resume.

  2. If applicable, a letter of support from the candidate’s employer specifying institutional support (e.g., editorial assistants, reduced workload, office space for editorial operations).

Additional material may be requested by the Human Organization Editor Search Committee as deliberations continue. Send applications via email to: info@appliedanthro.org. Questions concerning the position can be directed to the SfAA Office at (405) 843-5113, or info@appliedanthro.org. We especially encourage interested individuals to contact current editors, Nancy Romero-Daza and David Himmelgreen (daza@usf.edu, dhimmelg@usf.edu). 

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