Patricia M. Clay, Ph.D.


Clay, Patricia.jpgPatricia M. (Trish) Clay received a B.A. in Anthropology and Modern Languages from the University of Notre Dame in 1981 and wrote her Ph.D. thesis in Anthropology on Fishermen as Rational Peasants: A Venezuelan Case Study Indiana University at Indiana University in 1993. She joined NOAA Fisheries’ Northeast Fisheries Science Center in 1993. Trish currently serves on the Monkfish Fishery Management joint Plan Development Team for the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Councils, is a member of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea’s (ICES) Working Group on the Northwest Atlantic Regional Sea and co-chairs the ICES Working Group on Maritime Systems. Trish is also lead for the Society for Applied Anthropology's Topical Interest Group on Fisheries and Coastal Communities. She was a member of the Oceans and Coasts Team that, along with other topical teams, prepared publicly available Technical Input Documents and internal reports for the 2013 National Climate Assessment. She is currently involved in research on social indicators of fishing community vulnerability, the rising average age of fishermen in the U.S., and the use in Integrated Ecosystem Assessments in fisheries management. 


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