Mohammad Zaman, Ph.D. 


Zaman, Mohammad.pngMohammad Zaman (PhD Anthropology, Manitoba 1988) has over 30 years of experience as an international consultant in social/resettlement management. He is widely known for his project-level work, independent review, research, training and publications in applied/resettlement field. Dr. Zaman has worked for major international financial institutions (ADB, DFID, JICA, and WB) in many countries in Asia and Africa (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Kenya and the Philippines) advising governments and development agencies on social safeguard policies and social planning.

Dr. Zaman has taught in universities in Bangladesh, Canada, and the United States. He is currently advisory professor (2016-present), National Research Centre for Resettlement (NRCR), Hohai University, Nanjing, China. He is also a Fellow (2002- present) of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Dr. Zaman was Program Chair for the 2018 INDR (International Network on Displacement and Resettlement) meetings held in Oaxaca, Mexico. He also co-chaired the 2019 INDR Meeting held in Nanjing, China. Dr. Zaman  organized (with Dr. Reshmy Nair and Professor Shi Guoqing) an international training course on land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation at the Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad in 2019.

Dr. Zaman’s capacities and experience are reflected broadly in his international work and engagements in technical training in ADB Headquarters in Manila and field offices in Beijing, Colombo, Dhaka, Delhi, Jakarta, and Phnom Penh. He also prepared several training manuals, handbooks and evaluation studies for ADB across the Asia region. He also advised ADB on the  Safeguard Policy Statements (2009). Currently, Dr. Zaman is advising Government of Kenya as Member - International Panel of Experts (IPOE), Kenya Water Security and Climate Resilience Project; KP Hydropower Development Project (Pakistan); and Dasu Hydropower Project (Pakistan). 

The Board of Director position at SfAA requires strong organizational capacity and academic/applied networks to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the office.  As evident from his organizational ability as Program Chair/Organizer for three international social science/applied meetings, Dr. Zaman is eminently qualified and capable to enhancing SfAA’s status and its reach as an international organization and help connect to those hard to reach social/applied specialists in many developing countries, particularly in Asia and Africa, with his decades-long contacts in different countries. Dr. Zaman’s presence on the Board of Directors will thus substantively benefit the entire community of applied anthropologists.

Dr. Mohammad Zaman lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

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