Wednesday, March 18


WEDNESDAY 8:00-5:00
Casa Esencia
SfAA Board Meeting 

(W-01) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado A
Economic, Health, and Social Implications of Food Production and Environments

MAYS, Alisha (UKY) Household Food Production, Food Sovereignty, and the Moral Economy in Appalachia
SWANSON, Mark (UKY) Comida Nutriva y Sana: Quito’s Urban Agriculture Program
DONLEY, GwendolynCURTIS, Andrew, and FREEDMAN, Darcy (CWRU) Re-Defining the Food Environment Using Spatial Video Geonarratives
BEISWENGER, Lisa (U Akron, OH State U) and COHEN, Jeffrey H. (OH State U) “Bringing People Together around Food”: The Social Life of Findlay Market

(W-02) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado B
Applied Anthropology & Activism

CHAIR: DREXLER, Elizabeth (MI State U)
DREXLER, Elizabeth (MI State U) Using Ethnographic Methods to Undermine Stigmatizing State Propaganda
STOCKER, Karen (CSU Fullerton) Applying Costa Rican Models of Activism to US Concerns
SANTIAGO, Ana Elisa (NIU/U Federal São Carlos) Peacekeeping Operation: When Humanitarian Aid Is in Conflict With Human Rights
SWAN, Daniel and CHUDAK, Alexandr (U Oklahoma) The Native American Church Observes a Centennial: Applied Anthropology and Peyotism
THIANTHAI, Chulanee (Chulalongkorn U) When Young Thai Digital Natives Talk about Their Online Citizenship and Cyberhate Experiences
WALAJAHI, Hina (NIH) “Talking Ethics”: Expertise Production on Institutional Review Boards
TAUBERG, Mindy (UCI) Establishing Shared Narratives of American Religious Minority Experience

(W-03) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado C
Immigrant Advocacy, Voluntarism and Social Justice (Immigration TIG)

MAKINO, Fuyuki (Waseda U) Transition of Immigration Policy and Creation of New Social Space in the United States: Religion, Economy and Entertainment
MOSHER, Sara (SMU) Operating in Constant Chaos: Immigration Advocacy in Troubled Times
MURPHY THOMAS, Jane (Independent) An Anthropologist’s Immigrant Family
SCHRUPP, Maria (CSBSJU) Influx of Migration and Collapse of a Nation: An Analysis of Changing Migration Patterns in Santiago, Chile
ZEWERI, Helena (Rice U) Emerging Carceral Geographies: Rethinking the Border in Australia’s Movement to End Offshore Detention
HARVEY, T.S. (Vanderbilt U) Child Separations, Cages, and Quarantines: Migration Tales from a Tarnished City on the Hill

(W-04) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado D
Sense and Nonsense: Bogus Categories and Saying What We Mean in Disaster Research, Part I (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: CANNON, Terry (Inst of Dev Studies), WILKINSON, Olivia (Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities), and HOFFMAN, Susanna (Hoffman Consulting)
CANNON, Terry (Inst Dev Studies) Why Do We Talk about Community-Based Everything When There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Community?’
VON MEDING, Jason, CHMUTINA, Ksenia, and SMITH, Colin (UFL) Demonstrating the Consequences of Labelling Disasters as “Natural”
WILKINSON, Olivia (Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities) Why Localization Will Never Happen
CONNON, Irena Leisbet Ceridwen (U Dundee) Disabling Categorisations and Rethinking Vulnerability in Hazard Mitigation and Response
CLARK-GINSBERG, Aaron (RAND Corp) Disaster Risk Reduction Is Not ‘Everyone’s Business’: Evidence from Three Countries 

(W-05) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado E
Women’s Perspectives on Gender-based Violence in the US and Abroad (GBV TIG)

CHAIRS: DEUBEL, Tara and BARBIER, Clarisse (USF)
TAYLOR, Melina (USF & American Board of Family Med) Examining Responses to Negative Sexual Encounters: How Sexual Education Influences Decision-Making for Undergraduate Students across the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Spectrums
BARBIER, Clarisse (USF) Social Exclusion of Women Accused of Witchcraft in Burkina Faso
OLAYIWOLA, Olubukola (USF) Vulnerability and Economic Violence in Everyday Lives of Women Borrowers: An Ethnographic Account from Ibadan, Southwest Nigeri
DEUBEL, Tara (USF) Navigating Gender-based Violence and Family Law at a Moroccan Feminist Organization
CARR, Caitlynn (USF) Embodying Applied Solutions to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Guatemala

(W-06) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado F
Bridging Displacement through Sanctuaries on Land and Water: A Session in Honor of Robert E. Rhoades, Part I (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

NAZAREA, Virginia (UGA) Roots-back-to-Roots: Imagining What’s Already There
BASILIO, RaulLEWIS, Denise C., and SEPONSKI, Desiree (UGA) Gardens of Memory and Sanctuary-Making among Cambodian and Laotian Communities in the U.S. South
MANNING, Sherry and HIZOLA, Lee Karen (Global Seed Savers) Restoring Food and Seed Sovereignty throughout the Philippines: Reviving Community-based Seed Saving Practices and Establishing Seed Libraries for Climate Resilience
MONTEBAN, Madalena (CONICET) Mother-back-to-Mother: A Model for Informing Intercultural Maternal-Child Health Policies
KAWARAZUKA, Nozomi (Int’l Potato Ctr, CGIAR), ORTIZ, OscarTHIELE, GrahamPRAIN, Gordon, and DE HAAN, Stef (Int’l Potato Ctr) The Evolution of the Legacy of Robert Rhoades’ Work at the International Potato Centre (CIP)

(W-07) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado G
Community: Connections and Transfofrmations

CHAIR: MOBERG, Mark (U S Alabama)
BOLTON, Ralph (Chijnaya Fdn) and AGUIRRE, Jhuver (Asociacion Pro-DIA) Divorcing an NGO: An Altiplano Community’s Decision to End a Long-Term Relationship with a Peruvian Nonprofit and an American Foundation
EASLEY, Linda Elaine (Siena Heights U) “Community in Reaching”: Connecting with Social and Ecological Networks
BURRELL, Blake and WITT, Peter (Miami U) Community Based Design: A Socially Equitable Model for Renewal in an Urban Ecovillage
SHOKEID, Moshe (Tel Aviv U) The Destiny of Urban Peripheries: Down-town Tel Aviv’s Contested Realities
LECLERE, Christopher (UFL) A New Type of Irish Coffee: Shifting Social Space from the Public House to the Coffeehouse
MOBERG, Mark (U S Alabama) The Limits of Ethnographic Knowledge: Cultural Capital and Shifting Paradigms in Southern Belize

(W-08) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado H
Anthropological Perspectives on Women’s Health: Explorations of Latin American Populations in Peru and the United States

CHAIRS: BROOKS, Benjamin (ECU), IRONS, Rebecca (U Coll London)
BROOKS, Benjamin (ECU) Andean Highland Women’s Perceptions of Stress: Using Faculty Student Collaborative Research to Develop a Women’s Social Stress Scale
IRONS, Rebecca (U Coll London) Taking Data Back to the Field: Discussing a Decolonial Anthropology Post-Fieldwork in the Peruvian Andes
MATHEWS, Holly (ECU) Understanding Nervios as a Resurgent Idiom of Distress among Older Latina Women in Eastern North Carolina
BARBER, Mariah (US Hlth & Human Serv) How Housing Impacts Women’s Social Determinants of Health across the Americas

(W-09) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Innovations in Medical Practice (SMA)

DEAHL, Claire (UNT) and BEYER, Molly (Children’s Hlth System TX) Qualitative Assessment of Physician Engagement in Pediatric Tele-specialty Programs
FIGUEROA GRAY, MarlaineMOGK, JessicaHENRICKSON, NoraWERNLI, Karen, and BEATTY, Tara (Kaiser Permanente Washington Hlth Rsch Inst) On Digital Spaces and Biosociality: An Exploration of Identity, Medical Decision Making, and Precision Medicine on Twitter
KALJEE, Linda and ZERVOS, Marcus (Henry Ford Hlth System), SMITH, Ingrid and PAULIN, Sarah (WHO), PRENTISS, Tyler and MAKI, Gina (Henry Ford Hlth System) Feasibility Study of the World Health Organization (WHO) Hospital-based Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit
PINA, Sashiel, SCOTT, Mary Alice, and THOMAS, Rhianna (NMSU), TSABETAYE, McKayla (San Juan Coll), KANE, AbigailDE LA ROSA, Ivan, and CEBALLOS, Rachel (NMSU) SDH Screening Tool and Its Effectiveness in a Border Clinic
SCHOENBERG, NancyDUNFEE, M., and RUTLEDGE, M. (UKY), PFAMMATTER, A. and SPRING, B. (Northwestern U) Perspectives on an mHealth/personalized Health Coaching Energy Balance Intervention among Rural Appalachian Residents

(W-11) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Cultural Citizenship and Human-Environment Interactions (SMA)

CHAIR: BRIGGS, Charles L. (UC-Berkeley)
BRIGGS, Charles L. (UC-Berkeley) Cultural Citizenship, Climate Change, and the Problem of Nonhuman Agency: Indigenous Reformulations
VANDERLINDEN, Lisa (TCU) Toxic Illness, Well-being and Structural Violence in the Wake of the BP Oil Disaster
SANTOS CORTESLizbeth, BOJIC, Bridget, VAZQUEZ, Jailene, WEINER, Morgan, and MULLIGAN, Jessica (Providence Coll) Devising Emergency Infrastructures for Mitigation Post Hurricane Maria 

(W-12) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Cultural Citizenship and Tourism: Changing Encounters in Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts (Tourism TIG)

WILLIAMSTON, Ashley-Devon (JHU) Exchanges, Eruptions, and Erasures: Tourism’s Influence on Indigenous Guatemalan Identities
HECKMAN, Andrea (UNM) Machu Picchu Tourism and the New International Airport in Chinchero, Peru
FORD, Anabel (Exploring Solutions Past) Cultural Citizens of the Maya Forest: Developing Community Participation at the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna
MORA-CASTILLO, Brenda (ASU) Consuming Tourism: The Making of the US-Mexico Transborder Region and Remaking of Mexican Culture in Baja California, Mexico
JONES, Barbara K. (Brookdale CC) The Missing Ecotourist: In Search of “New Advocates” for Outdoor Recreation and Nature Tourism

(W-13) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Corporate and Urban Anthropology in Guatemala: Methods, Challenges, and Opportunities (Business TIG)

CHAIR: COLOM, Alejandra (Labetnografico/UVG)

(W-14) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Ethnographic Perspectives on Difficult Issues (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: GARDNER, Andrew (U Puget Sound)
HOLT, Charles (TTU) Close Quarters Battle: The Habitus of the Modern-day Gunfighter
JOLIE, Ruth and HARRISON, Lauren (Mercyhurst U) The Impact of Sexual Consent Education on Gendered Attitudes: A Case Study from a Liberal Arts University
SCARRITT, Janelle (SFSU) Storytelling as Ethnography: An Anthropological Approach to Student-Veteran Research
GARDNER, Andrew (U Puget Sound) On Teaching Ethnography in Troubled Times
JENSEN, Jamie (Humboldt State U) Academic as Accomplice: Strategies for Defending the Cultural Interests of Indigenous Students in Higher Education 

(W-15) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Visual Anthropology and Digital Methods

CHAIR: BAKER, Emily (Independent)
BRADLEY, Sarah (USF) and VITOUS, C. Ann (U Michigan) Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Challenges and Opportunities in the Use of Visual Participatory Methods
LANG-BALDE, Rachel (Independent) “I want my story to be heard”: Digital Stories of Women Facing Obstetric Fistula
BAKER, Emily (Independent) Storytelling and Self in Public Broadcast: A Visual Ethnography of Rocky Mountain PBS
JERRY, Anthony (UCR) The “Living Archive” as Community Engagement
GILBERT, Autumn (Openfieldx) Anthropology in the Digital Landscape 

(W-18) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Chaco Hotel - Gathering I
Making Your Research Make a Difference: Designing a Step-by-Step Strategy to Engage the Public with Social Media (Workshop, Fee $20)

ORGANIZERS: CLARK, Deja and DELGADO, Hannia (Cool Anthropology, CUNY), BAINES, Kristina (CUNY Guttman), COSTA, Victoria (Cool Anthropology) 

(W-31) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado A
The Intersection of Cultural Identity and the Natural Environment 

MENZIES, Charles (UBC) Mountain Goats and People: Cultural Resurgence as Indigenous Methodology
FINEGAN, Chance (U Toronto Mississauga) Protected Areas, Indigenous Peoples, and Reconciliation in the USA
WAGNER, Kelsey (MSU) Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in Indonesia

(W-32) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado B
Human Rights: Advancing a Framework to Support Cultural Difference as a Social Process

CHAIR: MESSER, Ellen (Tufts U)
PANELISTS: HITCHCOCK, Robert and NAGENGAST, Carole (UNM), GRUENBAUM, Ellen (Purdue U), JOHNSTON, Barbara Rose (Ctr for Political Ecology), DAUER, Sheila (Columbia U), MESSER, Ellen (Tufts U)

(W-34) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado D
Sense and Nonsense: Bogus Categories and Saying What We Mean in Disaster Research, Part II (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: CANNON, Terry (Inst of Dev Studies), OLIVER-SMITH, Anthony (UFL)
PANELISTS: BENDER, Steve (Independent), HOFFMAN, Susanna (Hoffman Consulting), OLIVER-SMITH, Anthony and VON MEDING, Jason (UFL), WILKINSON, Olivia (Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities), CONNON, Irena Leisbet Ceridwen (U Dundee), CLARK-GINSBERG, Aaron (RAND Corp) 

(W-35) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado E
Brokering Anthropological Knowledge in Healthcare Organizations

CHAIRS: FARO, Elissa (Albert Einstein Med Coll), CHOKSHI, Sara (NYU Med Sch)
GORE, Radhika (NYU Med Sch) Applying Social Theory in Health Services Research: Motivations, Challenges, Strategies
RUBINSTEIN, Ellen and HAARSTICK, Kimberly A. (NDSU), CRABTREE, Benjamin F. (Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Med Sch) Anthropological Intervention in Primary Care
FIXGemmae M. (VA & Boston U), ABRAHAM, Traci (VA & U Arkansas), NICHOLS, Linda (VA & U Tennessee), ONO, Sarah (VA & OR Hlth & Sci U), RATTRAY, Nicholas (VA & Indiana U), REISINGER, HeatherSEAMAN, Aaron, and SOLIMEO, Samantha (VA & U Iowa) Lessons on Practice from Anthropologists Working within the US’s Largest Healthcare System
TABER, Peter (VA) Para-ethnography, Auto-ethnography and Information Sharing in a Health Informatics Research Unit
CHOKSHI, Sara (NYU Med Sch) Communicating Complexity in Support of High Value Digital Health Development
FARO, Elissa (Albert Einstein Med Coll) Hierarchy, Trust, and Quality: Error Reporting in Healthcare

(W-36) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado F
Bridging Displacement through Sanctuaries on Land and Water: A Session in Honor of Robert E. Rhoades, Part II (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

SHRESTHA, Milan (ASU) Unsettled Futures of Agropastoralism in the Nepal Himalaya: Retreat Or Revitalize?
PRAIN, Gordon and KAWARAZUKA, Nozomi (Int’l Potato Ctr) Agri-Food System Resilience among Ethnic Minority Communities in Asian Hill Regions
PINIERO, MaricelBALLESTEROS, AdrianaBOLAÑOS, AdrianaNAVARRO, Diego, and MARTINEZ, Eliana (AGROSAVIA) An Innovative and Socio-ecologically Resilient Territory: The Case of AGROSAVIA’s Methodology Implementation
JONES, Eric (UTH TMC) Push, Pull and Purpose in the Lives of Those Migrating
CASTRO, A. Peter (Syracuse U) A Troubled Sanctuary: The Ethiopian Highland Resettlement Controversy
VEDWAN, Neeraj (Montclair State U) Emerging Hydroscapes in a Globalizing India: New Roles and Reconfigured Relationships between Civil Society and Citizens

(W-38) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado H
Research on Mental Health and Trauma (SMA)

CHAIR: ENNIS-MCMILLAN, Michael C. (Skidmore Coll)
ENNIS-MCMILLAN, Michael C. (Skidmore Coll) Humanitarian Volunteer Actions to Alleviate Trauma-Related Distress among Refugees in Paris
TRANG, Kathy (Emory U) How Cultural Processes Shape the Association of Peritraumatic Features with Long-Term PTSD Symptom Severity and Psychophysiological Dysregulation in Vietnam
MAUPIN, Jonathan (ASU) Perceptions of Mental Illness in Highland Guatemala

(W-39) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Methods and Ethics in Anthropology

DOUGLASS, Megan (Wayne State U) Filming on the Frontlines: Using the Lens of Decoloniality in the Production of Digital Storytelling for Political Purposes within Impacted Communities
HUSSAIN, Nazia (Independent) Working With/Working For: Reconciling the Role of the Consultant Anthropologist in Non-Profit Research
LEE, JulietHERNANDEZ, JorgeCANO, JuanBALLASONE, Anna, and ANNECHINO, Rachelle (PIRE) Member Checking for Research Citizen Engagement
SEPIELAK, KatarzynaWLADYKA, Dawid, and YAWORSKY, William (UTRGV) Language, Translation and Interpreting in Contemporary Field Research

(W-41) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Alternative Approaches to Health and Health Care (SMA)

KOHUT, Mike (Maine Med Ctr Rsch Inst) “We’re the ones that catch things”: Naturopathic Approaches to Cancer Screening and Prevention
JUDD, Daniel (Hawaii Pacific Hlth) The Evolving Culture of Orthopedic Pain Management Should Include Plant-Based Medicines
LUQUE, JohnOKERE, ArinzeWILLIAMS, Paula, and TURNER JR., Reginald (FAMU) Patient Perspectives on Medical Marijuana Use in the Florida Panhandle
RAE-ESPINOZA, Heather (CSULB) Integrating Quality of Life Measurements into Pharmaceutical Research

(W-42) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Constructing Narratives of Identity and Heritage (Tourism TIG)

CHAIR: LORENZO, Luis (U Barcelona)
LORENZO, Luis (U Barcelona) Legitimacy in New Mexico’s ‘Hispano’ Identity and Heritage
BROOKS, Emily (USGS) “We’re in the forever business”: Caring for Cultural Heritage under Climate Change
SKAHAN, Mariann (UNM) Restoring Dignity to Language Translations of the Jicarilla Apache of New Mexico: The Retranslations of Pliny Earle Goddard Texts
RAMIREZ, Lawrence (UCR) Museology in the Doldrums: Applying Anti-Oppressive Pedagogy in Maritime Museums
PFEIFFER, Martin (UNM) Practicing Nuclear Secrecy: Museums, Activist Archives, and How Anthropology Can Help Save the World 

(W-43) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
What We Can Learn from COPAA’s ‘Business Anthropology on the Road’ (Business TIG)

CHAIR: BRIODY, Elizabeth (Cultural Keys LLC)
PANELISTS: BRIODY, Elizabeth (Cultural Keys LLC), BLUDAU, Heidi (Monmouth U), SPEARS, Jenessa (Consilience Group LLC), SQUIRES, Susan (UNT)

(W-44) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Resisting Hegemonic Practices and Finding Ways to Create Belonging: Cultural Citizenship in Borderlands Classrooms and Schools (Higher Ed TIG)

ULLMAN, Char and MANGELSDORF, Kate (UTEP) Exploring the Linguistic and Cultural Identity Processes of Minoritized Doctoral Students’ Becoming
SERNA, Lisa (UTEP) Through Practice and Performance: Transfronterizx Newcomer English Learners (NELs) Developing Social Capital through High-School Choral Music Education
HERRERA-ROCHA, Lidia (UTEP) Language Ideologies and Identities of Emergent Bilinguals in a Dual Language and a Transitional Bilingual Education Context: A Comparative Study
MUNOZ, Jair (UTEP) Exclusion, Race, and Stigma: How Brown At-Risk Youth Are Produced in a Disciplinary Classroom on the U.S.-Mexico Borderland
OWENS, Angela (NMSU) Borderland Latinx Caregivers: Developing Agency in the Special Education Process

(W-45) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Reverse Anthropologies: Making Space for Hometown Ethnography and Archaeology

CHAIR: VILLARREAL, Aimee (Our Lady of the Lake U)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: VILLARREAL, Aimee (Our Lady of the Lake U), GONZALES, Gregorio (Colorado Coll)

WEDNESDAY 12:00-5:00
East Atrium
Book Exhibit 

The Exhibit includes tables displaying the most recent publications in the applied social sciences.  Several press representatives will be available to discuss publishing options for authors.  The Exhibit will also include craftwork (for sale) from several cooperatives.

(W-61) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado A
Teaching Food Politics in Trumpian Times: Reflections and Strategies (C&A)


(W-62) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado B
Human Rights and Social Justice: Setting Our Vision for the Future

Open Discussion

(W-63) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado C
Constructing Cultural Citizenship and Belonging: Immigration Politics in the US on National and Local Levels (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: KLINE, Nolan (Rollins Coll)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: DUNCAN, Whitney (UNCO), GALEMBA, Rebecca (U Denver), GETRICH, Christina (UMD), HORTON, Sarah (UC-Denver), KLINE, Nolan (Rollins Coll)

(W-64) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado D
Housing, Health, and the Environment (SMA)

WATSON, Marnie (MO State U) Visions of a Tiny (Home) Utopia: Report from the Field on Housing the Chronically Homeless
PANCHANG, Sarita (USF) Sanitation and Urban Participation: Making for Residents of Informal Housing
WYNDHAM-WEST, Michelle (OCADU) and DUNN, James (McMaster U) Aging in Place, Housing (Im)Mobility and Citizenship: An Arts-Based Exploration of Low-Income Older Adults’ Lived Housing Experiences During Rapid Urban Change
CLARK, Sherri Lawson (WFU) The Erosion of Housing: An Ethnography of Housing Instability among the Urban Poor
STANLEY, Erin (Wayne State U) From Dismemberment to (Re)Membering: A Case Study of the Detroit Demolition Program

(W-65) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado E
Food Insecurity, Nutrition, and Health (SMA)

RAGSDALE, Kathleen and KOLBILA, Robert (MS State U SSRC), MARINDA, Pamela (U Zambia), READ-WAHIDI, Mary R. (MS State U SSRC), PINCUS, Lauren (WorldFish), TORELL, Elin (URI) Fish4Zambia Preliminary Results: Exploring Food Insecurity among Men and Women in Zambia’s Lake Bangweulu Region
READ-WAHIDI, Mary R. and RAGSDALE, Kathleen (MS State U SSRC), WEI, Tianlan (MS State U), ASIGBEE, Mawuli and ATIIM, Philip (Catholic Relief Serv-Ghana), KOLBILA, Robert and INGOUF, Laura (MS State U SSRC) Using the Household Hunger Scale to Explore Food Insecurity among Men and Women Smallholder Farmers in Rural Ghana
ARPS, Shahna and PERALTA, Karie (U Toledo) Growth Status of Haitian and Dominico-Haitian Children Living in the Dominican Republic
DORSEY, Achsah (UNCCH) Immune Activation, Body Fat, and Anemia: An Exploration of the Dual Burden in Pre-School-Aged Children Living in a Peri-Urban Community Outside Lima, Peru

(W-66) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado F
Methods for Environmental Research: Networks, Communities, and Collaborations (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

GERKEY, Drew (OR State U) Social Network Analysis and Environmental Anthropology: Metaphors and Measurements
CLARK, MicheleHALL, Sharon, and SHRESTHA, Milan (ASU) Perceptions of Community-Based Strategies for Invasive Plant Removal: A Case-Study in Community Forests of Chitwan, Nepal
JEFFERSON, Peter (Burris Lab Sch) Engaging Children in Environmental Health Community Organizing
BASCOPE, Grace Lloyd (MRP/BRIT), GUDERJAN, Thomas M. (MRP), and MCCLATCHEY, Will (Independent) When Collaboration Becomes a Win, Win, Win: The Botanical Research Institute of Texas and Maya Research Program Work Together to Help an Archaeology Project Better Interpret and Protect a Small Portion of Rain Forest

(W-67) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado G
Co-Management to Privatization: A Spectrum (Fisheries TIG)

PINKERTON, Evelyn (SFU), OGIER, Emily and GARDNER, Caleb (U Tasmania), VAN PUTTEN, Ingrid (CSIRO) The Full Cost of Privatizing Fishing Access Privileges
QUIMBY, Barbara (SDSU) Traditionally Inclusive?: Participation in Hybrid Institutions of Samoan Fisheries Co-management
LOY, Christopher (CNU) Industrializing the Oyster: The Cultural Logic of Genetic Manipulation in the Chesapeake Bay

(W-68) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado H
At the Intersection of Anthropology and Medicine: Towards a New Clinically Applied Anthropology


(W-69) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Interventions: Advocate and Activist Approaches to Gender Based Violence (GBV TIG)

CHAIR: MORRISON, Penelope (PSU New Kensington)
GONZALEZ, Alexalin (Caminar Latino Inc) Advocacy for Victims of Domestic Violence in Refugee and Immigrant Communities
MORRISON, Penelope (PSU New Kensington) Processes Related to Behavioral Change in Batterer Intervention Programs: Observations from an Ethnographic Study
ZANCHETTA, Margareth (Ryerson U), SANTOS, W.S. and VIDUEDO, A.S. (U Brasilia), VENTURA, K. (U Minas Gerais), ALVES, V.H. (Fluminense U), CABRAL, I.E. and CARVALHO, A.L.O. (U Rio de Janeiro), COSTA, E. (U Sao Paulo), FAUSTINO e FREITAS, W.M. (U Paraiba), FELIPE, I.V. (Ryerson U), GOMES, D.T. (U Juiz de Fora), LIMA, R.F.S. (U Amazonas), PACHECO, Z.M.L. (U Juiz de Fora), PARMEJIANI, E.P. (U Rondonia), PEREIRA, M.S.S. (U Amazonas), PEREIRA, A.V. (Fluminense U), PINHEIRO, A.S. (U Rondonia), SOUTO, R.Q. (U Paraiba), VIEIRA, B.G. (Fluminense U) Between Women’s Political Awareness and Political Literacy: Obstetric Nurses’ Advocacy for Inclusive Rights in Brazil
POMALES, Tony (Dickinson Coll) Challenging Disposability Politics: Aging, Social Suffering, and Health Activism among Sex-Working Women in Costa Rica

(W-70) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20

DOWSLEY, Martha, RAY, Lana, SHIELDS, Gavin, and OLIVEIRA, Frederico (Lakehead U) When the Snow Blankets the Earth, It Is Time to Tell Stories: Using Digital Technology and Indigenous Storytelling to Communicate Research on Lac Seul First Nation’s History

(W-71) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Disasters in Paradise: Natural Hazards, Social Vulnerability, and Development Decisions (Risk & Disaster TIG)

Open Discussion

(W-72) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Preserving Indigenous Identities

CHAIR: FORGASH, Rebecca (MSU Denver)
FORGASH, Rebecca, QUIZAR, Stephanie (Robin), SANDOVAL, Richard, PRICE, Liam, KHAMOV, Roman, and HORN, Myranda (MSU Denver) Who Speaks Ch’orti’? Who Owns Ch’orti’?: Language Revitalization and Cultural Citizenship in Guatemala/Honduras
MARTÍNEZ, David (ASU) Rebirth and Recognition in Southern Arizona: How the Hia Ced O’odham Are Reasserting Their Sovereignty
CHESTNUT, Elizabeth Akiya (Indian Pueblo Cultural Ctr, Retired) The De Anza Project: The De Anza Motor Lodge, the Zuni Connection, and the City of Albuquerque

(W-73) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Critiques and Visions of Social Justice (Business TIG)

CHAIR: REED, Rachel (Unusual Suspects Theatre Co)
ALEKSEEVSKY, Mikhail (Ctr for Urban Anthropology) What Dreams May Come: Applied Anthropology of Residential Housing in Russian Cities
KRUG, Melissa (Temple U) Fair-trade Exclusion: Unsupported Indigeneity in a Peruvian Handicrafts Organization
REED, Rachel (Unusual Suspects Theatre Co) More Good Than Harm: Thwarting Philanthropy’s Mission to Obstruct Social Justice

(W-74) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
COPAA-Applied Anthropology and Student Engagement: A Case Study Based on the Internship Program at the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA), University of Arizona (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: MANDACHE, Luminita-Anda and AUSTIN, Diane (U Arizona)

(W-75) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Negotiating Gendered Roles and Identities

CHAIR: GAULDIN, Eric (Marine Corps U)
DEFILLIPO, Cassie (U Melbourne) Who Puts the Toxic in Toxic Masculinity?
GAULDIN, Eric (Marine Corps U) Green Like Me: An Exploration of Diversity in the United States Marine Corps
MAW, Madison (BYU) A Woman’s Place: The Clash between Quichua and Christianity
ORTEGA, Cynthia (CO State U) Exploring Learned Models of Sex and Pregnancy among Adolescent Youth in Ecuador
MARK, Brigid (CSBSJU) Machismo, Colonización, y La Madre Tierra: The Connection between Women and Nature in Guatemala
VOGEL, Kristen (USF) An Afrocentric Women’s Empowerment: Listening to Ghana’s Matriarchs

(W-91) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado A
Engaging Applied Research in Community Food Movements

CHAIRS: HEUER, Jacquelyn and BRADLEY, Sarah (USF)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: HEUER, Jacquelyn and BRADLEY, Sarah (USF), VITOUS, C. Ann (U Michigan), GASS, Marquette and VAN MAANEN, Jesse (NMSU), RAMÍREZ, Belinda (USCD), CARNEY, Megan (U Arizona)

(W-92) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado B
Political Conflicts with Indigenous Rights

CHAIR: FINAN, Timothy (U Arizona)
ARELLANO-LOPEZ, F. Sonia (Independent) African Diasporas in the Andes: Social Visibility and Cultural Identity
DILLARD, Madison (U Denver) “We Collect Stories”: The Canadian Museum of Human Rights and Exhibiting Diverse Voices
ELMAKISS, Rachel (Hendrix Coll) The Naqaab Bedouin: Hospitality and Indigeneity in an Israeli-Bedouin Community
FINAN, Timothy (U Arizona) The Perversity of Clientelism: A Case Study from Northeast Brazil
ROBINSON, Kaniqua (U Pitt) The Performance of Memorialization: Politics of Memory and Memory-Making at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys
SUCEC, Rosemary (NPS) National Parks and the Reinvigoration of the Civil Rights Movement: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

(W-93) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado C
Situating (Ill)health in Religious and Cultural Frameworks (SMA) 

CHAIR: CRANE, Hillary (Linfield Coll)
DRAPER, Suzanne C. (UCF) Charismatic Catholicism, Resting in the Spirit, and Biomedical Narratives: Adaptations to Health and Healing in Yucatán, México
ABARBANELL, Linda, REYES-HERNANDEZ, Elvira, and MORENO, John (SDSU) Negotiating Cancer Causes and Care at the US-Mexico Border
JORDAN, Timeri (WFU) Perceptions of Blood and Health in Relation to Caste Hierarchy in Kathmandu, Nepal
CRANE, Hillary (Linfield Coll) Strange (Sick)Bedfellows: Medical and Religious Conflicts over Celiac Disease
PEREZ, Gina (CSUN) Mexican-American/Chicana Post-Traumatic Growth: Catholicism and Prayer as a Form of Healing

(W-94) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado D
Issues for Refugee Resettling in the US

MAHONEY, Dillon and BAER, Roberta D. (USF), BEHRMAN, Carolyn (U Akron) Unique Issues for Resettling Refugees from the Congo Wars
INKS, Michaela (USF) A Critical Look at the Consent Decree of 1990
HOLBROOK, Emily (USF) Eating in America: Easing the Transition for Resettled Refugees through an Applied Anthropological Intervention
BAER, Roberta D.HOLBROOK, Emily, and BLAIR, Janet (USF) American Stories 2: Oral History, Service Learning, and ESL Materials for Refugees (and Others)

(W-95) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado E
Engaging Everyday Citizens in the Research Process (Higher Ed TIG)

GLEGZIABHER, Meskerem (ASU) and HAMMONS, Clottee (Emancipation Arts LLC) Fetching What Is at Risk of Being Left Behind: Engaging Local Youth and Elders in Oral History Research
WILLIAMS, Deborah (ASU), AGOSTINI, Gina (Midwestern U), and STURTZSREETHARAN, Cindi (ASU) Citizen Sociolinguistics: New Insights into Fat Talk
ALTMAN, Heidi (GA Southern U) The Georgia Moms Project: Amplifying Women’s Own Narratives of Their Healthcare Experiences
STURTZSREETHARAN, Cindi (ASU), AGOSTINI, Gina (Midwestern U), and WILLIAMS, Deborah (ASU) Considering Body Talk: What Role Do Volunteer Data Collectors Play in the Analysis of Body Talk?
RUTH, Alissa, STURTZSREETHARAN, CindiBREWIS, AlexandraWUTICH, AmberMITCHELL, Charlayne, and BERNARD, H. Russell (ASU) Who Makes a Better Citizen Social Scientist?: A Comparative Evaluation of Students and Citizen Social Scientists as Observers of Social Exclusion

(W-96) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado F
Can Household Solar Technologies Help Us Achieve Energy Justice? (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: AUSTIN, Diane (U Arizona)
Open Discussion

(W-97) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado G
Places and Policies: Who Is Impacted and Why? (Fisheries TIG)

CHAIR: POMEROY, Carrie (CA Sea Grant, UCSD & Inst of Marine Sci UCSC)
DAUGHTERS, Anton (Truman State U) The Political Ecology of Southern Chile’s Islands of Chiloé
POMEROY, Carrie (CA Sea Grant, UCSD & Inst of Marine Sci UCSC), CULVER, Carolynn (CA Sea Grant, UCSB), and HECK, Nadine (UCSC & ECU) Policy and Practice in Marine Space Use Governance: On Common Ground Or At Cross Purposes?
BAKER, Sydney (St. Lawrence U) Conserving and Competing: Intersections of Marine Conservation in Eastern Africa
KAMAT, Vinay (UBC) “Now we are all educated”: Shifting Discourses on Marine Conservation in Southeastern Tanzania
JACOB, Steve (YCP), COLBURN, Lisa and JEPSON, Michael (NOAA Fisheries) Enhancing the Utility of Fishery Social Indicators: Synthesizing Multiple Indices into a Single Indicator
NORMAN, Karma (NOAA NWFSC), SPIER, Cameron (NOAA SWFSC), RIDINGS, Corey and DREXLER, Michael (Ocean Conservancy), MARCUM, Jennifer (WA Dept of Labor & Industries) Using Health Survey Data to Assess the Wellbeing of Fishermen and Fishing Communities

(W-98) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado H
Care and Diversity in Complex Societies, Part I (CONAA)

CHAIR: NORRIS, Susan (Immaculata U)
BREDA, Karen Lucas (U Hartford) Healthcare in Complex Societies: A Literature Review of the U.S. Healthcare System and Its Workers
NORRIS, Susan and LORUP, Carole (Immaculata U) Immersive Global Service Learning and the Development of Cultural Competence: Student Perceptions of a Transformative Process
EMERSON, Christie (Kennesaw State U) and COOPER, Jennifer (Torrens U) Nurses’ Perceptions of Medication Errors and Error Reporting in a Culturally Diverse Nursing Setting: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
BRAZELTON, Elizabeth “Lisa” (U Alabama) Is Hemp the New Buffalo?

(W-99) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Experiencing Gendered Violence: Resistance, Rationalization, and Research (GBV TIG)

CHAIR: WIRTZ, Elizabeth (Purdue U)
ZHENG, Tiantian (SUNY Cortland) Intimate Partner Violence, Women, and Resistance Strategies in Postsocialist China
PREAUX, AnnieKINGTON, Sarah, and CASTRO, Arachu (Tulane U) Hospital Personnel’s Perceptions and Rationalization of Obstetric Violence in the Dominican Republic

(W-100) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20

COLOM, Alejandra (Fundación Ixcanul/Labetnografico) and BUSTAMANTE, Jayro (La Casa de Producción/Fundación Ixcanul) La Llorona

(W-101) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Shifting the Focus: Supporting the Agency and Creativity of Marginalized Groups in Disaster Research (Risk & Disaster TIG)

PANELISTS: MALDONADO, Julie (LiKEN), HAUSAM, Sharon (Pueblo of Laguna), JOHNSON, Mei (UDel), RIVERA GONZALEZ, Joyce (U Notre Dame), KIRKLAND, Heather A.H. (American U)

(W-102) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Leveraging Heritage for Economic Development through Tourism (Tourism TIG)

CHAIR: FENG, Xianghong (E Michigan U)
FENG, Xianghong (E Michigan U) and LI, Qiaoyang (Guizhou Minzu U) From “Community-Based” to “Government-Directed” Ethnic Tourism: The Survival of “Gong Fen” in the Upper Langde Miao Village, China
MELLO, Christy (UHWO) Native Hawaiian Culture- and Place-Based Tourism Sovereignty: Turning Challenges into Opportunities on Hawai’i’s Island of O‘ahu
SCHULZE, Savannah (Purdue U) An Anthropological Analysis of Critical Collaborative Engagement and Cultural Tourism in a Ugandan National Park
NAYLOR, Ryan (Penn State U) Tourism, Livelihood, and Identity: Negotiation in Southeast Alaska
STUCKI, Larry (Emeritus) Tramways, Skywalks, and Adventure Tourism: A Brief History of Controversial Grand Canyon Proposals for Bringing Economic Prosperity to the Havasupai, Hualapai, and Navajo Nations

(W-103) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Emerging Developments: Anthropology, Design, and the UX Space (Business TIG) 

CHAIRS: HOUSE, Kendall (Boise State U), MILLER, Christine (Savannah Coll of Art & Design)
PANELISTS: NEWTON, Kevin (Linkedin), OTTO, Paul (Ipsos), RAMER, Angela (HKS), LEACOX, EvanSHANNON, Ollie, and HOUSE, Kendall (Boise State U)

(W-105) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Building Teaching Communities (Higher Ed TIG)

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: JENKS, Angela (UCI), NELSON, Katie (Inver Hills CC), GONZALEZ, Laura (San Diego Miramar College), SCHOENBERG, Arnie (San Diego City Coll), GIDEONSE, Ted (UCI), SHEREEN, Yasmine (Mt. San Antonio Coll)

(W-108) WEDNESDAY 1:30-5:20
Chaco Hotel – Gathering I
Applied Visual Ethnography Workshop (Workshop, Fee $40)


(W-109) WEDNESDAY 1:30-4:30
Chaco Hotel – Gathering II
Cultural Expertise on Aiding Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Undocumented Migrants (Sponsored by the Immigration Initiative, Fee: None - Participation is limited. Registration for the workshop is required.)

ORGANIZERS: HASSOUN, Rosina (Saginaw Valley State U), NGIN, ChorSwang (CSULA), SALVI, Cecilia (Grad Ctr CUNY), YEH LITT, Joann (Law Offices of John Jonannes), BORJON, Luz Maria (CSULA)

(W-121) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado A
The Rights and Responsibilities of Environmental Citizenship

CHAIR: GRAY, Benjamin (U Montana)
THORPE, Marian (Rutgers U) Being Seen by the State: Embracing Neoliberal Multicultural Recognition in Western Panama
GRAY, Benjamin (U Montana) “We are all at risk”: The Possibilities and Limits of the US’s Wildfire Risk Governance System
LEPPERT GOMES, Amanda (SIU) Emitting Inequity: Emerging Relationships of Green Neoliberal Development in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
ARMSTRONG, Melanie, REHN, MaddieDOWNING, Emily, and ZALDUMBIDE, Gabriela (W Colorado U) Environmental Citizenship through Engaged Scholarship: A Case Study in Adaptive Management on the Gunnison National Forest
CAMERON, Mary (FAU) Ayurvedic Origins of Plant Conservation and Health Care Rights in Nepal

(W-122) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado B
Power, Politics, and Activism

THARP, Christopher (UDel) Rethinking Postcolonial Sovereignty Using Mouffean “Artivism” throughout Contemporary Puerto Rico and the Diaspora
MEDEIROS, Melanie (SUNY Geneseo) Barbie and Ken, Good Citizens: The Use of Satirical Internet Memes in Brazilian Sociopolitical Movements
┼ŻABICKA, Anna (U Vienna) Shaping Morally Correct Individuals and Families in Latvia
HEDDEN, Bethany Joy (Wayne State U) Political Theatre: Contesting and Reimagining Discourse
WIDENER, Patricia (FAU) Natures in the Resistance: Public Rhythms and Sensory Spaces
LEFTOFF, Sondra (JJC CUNY) Did you just plead guilty to assault?: Americanization of Justice on the Navajo Reservation in the Early 20th Century and the Silencing of “Talking out” Problems

(W-123) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado C
Resisting 2019 Immigration Terrors: A Culture of Survival (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: SURREY, David (Saint Peter’s U)
ARMAS, Desiree and CAMARGO, Pyetra (St. Peter’s U) Youth Organizing for Climate Justice
ABUALI, Gineen and GARCIA, Thairy (St. Peter’s U) Fighting the Phobias: Ethnogenesis into an Umbrella of the Other
MARTINEZ-MENDOZA, Samantha and LIBEROS, Mariet (St. Peter’s U) Resisting 2019 Immigration Terrors: A Culture of Survival
DISCUSSANT: SURREY, David (Saint Peter’s U)

WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado D
Guatemala Scholars Network Meeting

(W-125) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado E
Drugs and Addiction (SMA)

CHAIR: WESTERMEYER, Joseph (U Minnesota)
KAMPMAN, Kelley (CWRU) Mothers & MAT: Identifying Gendered Gaps in Drug Treatment Programs
BAKER, Alex, BECKETT, Amanda, HEDGES, Kristin, and JACKSON, Wesley (GVSU) ‘Addy’-ing It All Up: University Students’ Perspectives on Substance Use
WESTERMEYER, Joseph (U Minnesota) Methadone Treatment for Opioid Dependence: Long Term Upsides & Downsides
WINSTEAD, Teresa (Saint Martin’s U), GARIS, TaylerBUSH, Arianna, and WINSTEAD, Candace (CalPoly) Steps toward Belonging for the Currently Incarcerated: Outcomes from a Jail-Based Overdose Prevention Program in CA
HAMM, Megan (U Pitt) Towards an Anthropologically Informed Meta-Analysis of Qualitative Medical Projects Regarding the Opioid Epidemic
KAHN, Linda (U Buffalo) Evaluating the Nation’s First Opioid Intervention Court

(W-126) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado F
Aquatic Anthropologies: New Perspectives on Water in Cultural Life (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: DU BRAY, Margaret (Augustana Coll)
CAIRNS, Maryann C.ULMER, Gordon L., and BROWN, Megan L. (Humboldt State U) Foregrounding the Human in Risk Modeling: An Ethnographic Approach to Public Health Risks in a Polluted Waterscape
DU BRAY, Margaret (Augustana Coll), STOTTS, RhianWUTICH, Amber, and BREWIS, Alexandra (ASU) The River Divides Us: (In)Equity in Access to Ecosystem Services
LINN, ColleenO’LEARY, Brendan, and AKEMANN, Camille (Wayne State U) Interdisciplinary Urban Sustainability Research: Seeking Comprehensive Knowledge About Groundwater Contamination and Its Effects on Drinking Water Quality in SE Michigan
COLLINGS, Margaret (IUP) All Drains Lead to the Ocean; The Importance of Storm Drains
GORDILLO, Gaston (UBC) The Oceanic Vortex: The Affective Materiality of Liquid Terrain

(W-127) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado G
Labor and Immigration in US Fishing Communities (Immigration TIG)

CHAIRS: HALL-ARBER, Madeleine (MIT Sea Grant, retired), GRIFFITH, David (ECU)
HALL-ARBER, Madeleine (MIT Sea Grant, retired) and ORLEANS, Laura (New Bedford Fishing Heritage Ctr & Museum) Workers, Homegrown and Not, in New Bedford’s Fishing Industry
GRIFFITH, David (ECU) Labor and Livelihoods along Coastal Plains
DOWNS, Mike and WEIDLICH, Stev (Wislow Rsch) Processing Labor, Immigration, and Integration in Southwestern Alaska Fishing Communities
DOYLE, JamieCONWAY, FlaxenMALDONADO, MartaBOOVY, Bradley, and JOHNSON, Maria (OR State U) Seafood Processor Workers: Exploring the Hidden Faces in Seafood
JOHNSON, Maria, DOYLE, JamieMALDONADO, MartaCONWAY, Flaxen, and BOOVY, Bradley (OR State U) Seafood Processing Workers’ Sense of Place in Coos County, Oregon

(W-128) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado H
Care and Diversity in Complex Societies, Part II (CONAA) 

CHAIR: EMERSON, Christie (Kennesaw State U)
EMERSON, Christie (Kennesaw State U) Networking and Social Capital among Health Professionals in International Partnership Development
BRAZELTON, Elizabeth “Lisa” (U Alabama) Hemp for Hope: Seeking a Solution to Uranium Contamination of the Cheyenne River Valley and the Potential for Improving Women’s Health Disparities among the Oglala Lakota
SHEEN, Linda (UTHealth) Understanding Diabetes Health Beliefs and Health Practices in Vietnamese Americans
GELECH, Jan and MAZURIK, Kathrina (U Saskatchewan), MATTHEWS, Elise (U Regina), DESJARDINS, Michel (U Saskatchewan) Developing a Communicative Body: A Processual Account of Coping With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
RAMASWAMY, PadmavathySANTA MARIA, Diane M., and SAHITI, Myneni (Houston HSC), JOHNSON, Constance (UTH TMC) MHealth Usage and Acceptance among South Asian Adults in the US

(W-129) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Embodied & Entangled: Methodology at the Intersectional Crossroads of Interpersonal, Gendered Violences (GBV TIG)

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: MULLA, Sameena (Marquette U), HLAVKA, Heather (Marquette U), MORA, Amalia (U Arizona), WIRTZ, Elizabeth (Purdue U)

WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Disability Research Interest Group of the Society for Medical Anthropology Business Meeting

(W-132) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
The Social, Economic, Political, and Environmental Impacts of Tourism (Tourism TIG)

CHAIR: HUNT, Carter (Penn State U)
TAYLOR, Sue (American U) Ethnohistory as a Tool for Program Planning
HUNDLEY, James (Binghamton U) Birth of the Canoe Journey: Borders, Settler Colonialism, and Cultural Revitalization
ANDREEV, Kari (U Texas) The Epic Festival: Strategic Use of Intangible Heritage in the Sakha Republic
HUNT, Carter (Penn State U) Environmental Anthropology of Tourism in the Galapagos Islands
LITKA, Stephanie (U Dayton) Representing Heritage: Negotiating Cultural Citizenship and Indigenous Sovereignty through the Maya Tourist Industry

(W-133) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Thinking through Diversity in Industry Practices: Implications for Business Anthropology (Business TIG)

CHAIRS: MCCABE, Maryann (U Rochester), DENNY, Rita (EPIC)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: APARICIO, Rachel (Kresnicka Rsch & Insights), HALE, Tamara (Workday), HASBROUCK, Jay (Hasbrouck Rsch Group), TAYLOR, Gigi (Indeed)

(W-134) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Indigenous Knowledge in Community Anthropology Projects in Southeast Alaska (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: MONTEITH, Daniel (U Alaska SE)
PANELISTS: SCHULTE, Priscilla (U Alaska SE-Ketchikan), BROWN, Jennifer (U Alaska SE), HAVEN, Forest (UCI)

(W-135) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Changing Structures in Higher Education (Higher Ed TIG)

HARP-RUSHING, Kyle (UCR) Broken Commons and Common Breaks: Free and Open Research Ecosystems as Reparative Infrastructure
MCNEECE, Avery and LYNN, Christopher D. (U Alabama), HOWELLS, Michaela (UNCW) The Mythical Balancing Act: The Work-Life Seesaw in Anthropology
PAJUNEN, MatthewDAVIS-SALAZAR, KarlaCASPER, Breanne, and REYES, Lucio (USF) Fair Funding or Meritocratic Meddling?: The Legislative Role in Academic Policy Implementation and Appropriation
REYES, LucioCASPER, BreanneDAVIS-SALAZAR, Karla, and PAJUNEN, Matthew (USF) Anthropology and Academic Reform: The Voices and Perceptions Surrounding Anticipated Institutional Refinement
DELISLE, Takami (UKY) Differences That Tie Us Together: Towards Solidarity Building for Decolonizing Anthropology Graduate Training

(W-153) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado C
Belonging beyond Citizenship: Mobility and Exclusion in an Era of Hate (Immigration TIG)


(W-154) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado D
Native American Cultural Resource Management: Sovereignty Over the Past
J. Anthony Paredes Memorial Plenary
Reception to Follow

CHAIR: ALTMAN, Heidi (GA Southern U)
PANELISTS: TWO BEARS, Davina (Indiana U), AGUILAR, Woody (U Penn), CHAVARRIA, Tony (Museum of Indian Art & Culture), VIERRA, Brad (NMSU), LALUK, Nicholas C. (NAU)

WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado H
CONAA Business Meeting

WEDNESDAY 7:30-9:30
Alvarado D
Welcome Reception
Sponsored by the J. Anthony Paredes Memorial Committee

This social celebrates the opening of the 80th Annual Meeting, and is one of the high points of the meeting.  SfAA President Briller will preside and introduce prominent guests.  Hors d’oeuvres will be served and beverages may be purchased.  Music provided by Mariachi Vaqueros de Highlands from New Mexico Highlands University.

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