Video Abstracts


COLOM, Alejandra (Fundación Ixcanul/Labetnografico) and BUSTAMANTE, Jayro (La Casa de Producción/Fundación Ixcanul) La Llorona. “La Llorona” is Jayro Bustamante’s third feature film. It reinterprets the popular legend “La Llorona” to portray Guatemala’s long history of war, a failed justice system, and racism. Fundación Ixcanul, the non-profit arm of Casa de Producción, employs applied anthropological tools to engage audiences in discussing the issues addressed in film (memory, justice, activism, class structure) as well as the use of ethnography to research topics for fiction and non-fiction short and feature films. (W-100)

DOWSLEY, Martha, RAY, Lana, SHIELDS, Gavin, and OLIVEIRA, Frederico (Lakehead U) When the Snow Blankets the Earth, It Is Time to Tell Stories: Using Digital Technology and Indigenous Storytelling to Communicate Research on Lac Seul First Nation’s History. As part of the Canadian national dialogue on the co-development of research knowledge with Indigenous peoples, we sought to explore local history with Lac Seul First Nation in Northwestern Ontario. Indigenous youth were invited to create video projects to present historical information about their community. Guided by Elders and following Anishinaabe cultural and storytelling traditions and protocols, Lac Seul and Lakehead University mentors supported the youth in selecting topics, conducting interviews with community members and creating videos to display their learning. This presentation explores the process and pedagogy behind the video projects. (W-70)

STULL, Donald D. (Kansas U) Strangers in Town. Strangers in Town tells how global migration has transformed and enriched Garden City, a micropolitan community on the High Plains of southwest Kansas. Despite great challenges brought on by rapid growth and increased ethnic and linguistic diversity, Garden City has embraced immigration and diversity, creating policies and resources that have helped it grow and thrive. Anthropologists who have studied Garden City since the 1980s, when it was part of the Ford Foundation’s Changing Relations Project, will put the film in anthropological perspective. (T-66)

YÁÑEZ SERRANO, Paloma (U Manchester) and LLORENS ROCAMORA, Benjamin (St. Andrews U) The End of an Era: A Story of Oil Workers. Ten exploration workers of the oil and gas industry talk to camera for the first time in their lives. As lovers of the Earth, experts of its rocks, and as members of the energy industry, they claim a place to talk about their industry and its future. In a world where climate change concerns are a priority and where alternative renewable energies seem to be advancing, this film explores how the energy transition should take place, asking some of the people who have been part of the damage if they are ready to embrace change. (TH-43)

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