Thursday, March 19


(TH-02) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado B
Constructing Cultural Citizenship in Migration (Immigration TIG)

ASMAN, Susanne (Gothenburg U) Gender, Migration and Citizenship Rights: Brokers Navigating the Gendered Labour Migration Control between Nepal and the Gulf Countries
FREIDENBERG, Judith (UMD) and CARATTINI, Amy (Montgomery Coll) Middle Class Relocations: From Migration to Mobility Paradigms
JOSEPH, Daniel (DePauw U) Dominican-Haitians: Statelessness and Substantive Citizenship
LUCHMUN, Rachel (ASU) Small but Mighty: Mauritian Cultural Citizenship in Toronto
MATOSSIAN, Anahid (UKY) “Syria is our birthplace, Armenia is our Homeland”: Disjointed Cultural Citizenship of Ethnic Armenian Women from Syria in Yerevan, Armenia

(TH-03) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado C 
Seeking, Finding, Accepting and Resisting Care: Structural and Cultural Diversity in Complex Societies (SMA)

PANELISTS: GREEN, James W. (U Washington), LEVIN, Betty Wolder (CUNY SPH), MICHAELSON, Karen (Independent), SANKAR, Andrea (Wayne State U), SOUZA, Margaret (SUNY/Empire State Coll)

(TH-04) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado D 
Cultural Citizenship, Post-migration, and Trauma, Part I (CONAA)

CHAIR: BROWN, Brenda (Independent)
AL-JA’AFREH, Somaya (U Jordan), MATTHEWS, Elise (U Regina), and GELECH, Jan (U Saskatchewan) Family, Health and Community Experiences of Syrian Women Refugees in Saskatchewan
DZUBUR, Valerie (Samuel Merritt U) Healing After Migration
BROWN, Brenda (Independent) Blended Families: How a Muslim Afghan Refugee Family and a Christian American Couple Became One
JALIL-GUTIERREZ, Sylvia (CCSU) Marginality, Trauma and Belonging?

(TH-05) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado E
Human Rights and the Environment in the Context of Climate Change

ALEXANDER, Sara, SCHULTZ, Alan, and MARTENS, Paul (Baylor U) Worldviews, Value Systems, and Climate Change Policies Deepen Challenges to Farming Communities in Western Belize
THOMAS, Eric (UNCCH) “We are deprived”: Fishing Families and the Fight for Environmental Justice in Southern Chile
LONG, Michael (Baylor U) Weathering Climate Change While Ensuring Livelihood Security in the Context of Tourism Development: A Study of Svan Resilience in Upper Svaneti, Republic of Georgia
RUSSELL, Diane (SocioEcological Strategies Inc) Guiding the Integration of Climate Change, Rights and Governance
GROSSE, Corrie and MARK, Brigid (CSBSJU) A New Moment?: Youth Voices on Climate Justice at COP 25 

(TH-06) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado F
ExtrACTION and Time, Part I: Temporalities
 (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: WILLOW, Anna (OH State U)
WILLOW, Anna (OH State U) Contested Futures: Time, Extraction, and (Hydro)Power
HITE, Emily (UC Boulder) The Ebb and Flow of Dams: Cyclical Threats of Hydroelectricity Development
JACKSON, Deborah (Earlham Coll) Sarnia’s Toxic Blob: Tracing Temporalities and Transmutations of Oil in 20th Century Canada
FENT, Ashley (Vassar Coll) “They’ve Left Us Alone, For Now”: Activism and the Intertemporalities of Shifting Extractive Frontiers in Senegal
FITZ-HENRY, Erin (U Melbourne) Conflicting Urgencies: The Temporalities of Gold Extraction in Southern Ecuador
NADEAU, Kathleen (CSUSB) (Embodying the Past in the Present) Liberation Theology and Indigenous Spiritualities’ Cyclical Notion of Time: Fighting against Environmental Degradation and Climate Change in the Philippines

(TH-07) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado G
Petroleum, Fish, and Community: Papers from the Central and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Coast (Fisheries TIG) 

CHAIRS: PHANEUF, Victoria (BOEM), MCMAHAN, Ben (U Arizona)
PHANEUF, Victoria (BOEM) Place, Politics, and Planning in Disaster Recovery: Coastal Restoration after Deepwater Horizon
HOFFMAN, David (MS State U), SCHEWE, Rebecca (Syracuse U), WITT, Joseph and SHOUP, Brian (MS State U),
 FREEMAN, Matthew (Gulf of Mexico Fishery Mgmt Council) Communication, Trust and Legitimate Governance: Perspectives from the Vietnamese-American Fishing Communities of the U.S. Gulf Coast
FILIPPONE, Rachel (U Arizona) Examining Trends in Social Services in Southern Louisiana: Twenty Years of Organizational Response to Volatility
MCMAHAN, Ben (U Arizona) Workforce Mobility and Market Volatility: Shifting Social and Environmental Landscapes in Southern Louisiana

(TH-08) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado H
Ethnographic Research on Diversity and Other Business Practices (Business TIG)

CHAIR: STUDEBAKER, Jennifer (Ewing Marion Kauffman Fdn)
HAYDEN, Nirupama (Purdue U) Designing Successful Diversity and Inclusion Programs: An Anthropological Examination of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Programming for Professionals and Program-Building
GHOSH, Ipshita (Syracuse U) Entrepreneurial Karma: Relationships and Reward(s) in Startup Cultures
STUDEBAKER, Jennifer (Ewing Marion Kauffman Fdn) One Foundation: Fostering CRM Engagement
NEISS, Kassandra (Village Exchange Ctr) Applied Work as Equitable Work: Professional Development of an Applied Anthropologist beyond the Academy

(TH-09) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Heritage and Change in Highland Guatemala: Reports from the 2019 CSUDH Ethnographic Field School (Tourism TIG)

VILCHIS, Sahara (CSUDH) To Be a Kid in San Jorge, Guatemala
AMAYA, Brenda (CSDH) Marketing Tintes Naturales in San Juan La Laguna
PACE, Kyra (CSUDH) Gendered Labor: Ceramics Production in San Antonio Palopó
FAVELA, Ashley (CSUDH) Household Consumption of Traje in Santiago Atitlan
TAYLOR, Sarah R. (CSUDH) Marketing Maya Bees in San Juan la Laguna

(TH-11) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Evaluating Responses to Natural Disasters in the Caribbean: Methods and Results (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: SEARA, Tarsila (U New Haven), POLLNAC, Richard (URI)
POLLNAC, Richard (URI) and SEARA, Tarsila (U New Haven) Anthropic Impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Fishing Communities in Puerto Rico
SEARA, Tarsila (U New Haven), POLLNAC, Richard (URI), and JAKUBOWSKI, Karin (U New Haven) Impacts of Natural Disasters on Subjective Vulnerability to Climate Change: A Study of Puerto Rican Fishers’ Perceptions after Hurricanes Irma & Maria
SHIVLANI, Manoj (Marine & Coastal Rsch Corp), AGAR, Juan (NOAA Fisheries), and MATOS-CARABALLO, Daniel (Puerto Rico DNER) Conducting a Field-Based Fishery Census in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria: Results Concerning Impacts and Recovery
RAMENZONI, Victoria (Rutgers U) Impacts of Hurricane Irma and Extreme Precipitation Events in a Small-scale Fishery in Yaguajay, Central Cuba
GRACE-MCCASKEY, CynthiaPAGE, Sarah, and SJOSTROM, Anja (ECU) Combining Social Network Analysis and Political Ecology to Examine Multi-Level Fisheries Management Structures in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

(TH-12) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
SDS Roundtable on Disability Anthropology as Activism and Academics (SDS)

CHAIR: WOIAK, Joanne (U Washington)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: WOIAK, Joanne (U Washington), KASNITZ, Devva (CUNY/SDS), STOLZ, Suzanne (U San Diego), ACEVEDO, Sara (SDS)

(TH-13) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Political Ecology, Intersectional Alliances, and Navigating the Just Transition, Part I (PESO)

CHAIRS: LITTLE, Peter C. (RIC), CAMPBELL, Jacob (Field Museum)
LITTLE, Peter C. (RIC) E-Waste Justice, Decolonization, and Just Transition Friction in Ghana
CAMPBELL, Jacob (Field Museum) Public Art, Novel Solidarities, and Stewardship Redefined in Chicago’s Natural Areas
SEIBERT, David (Borderlands Restoration Network) A Strategically Incomplete Approach to Creating Equitable Economies and Ecologies in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
CARNEY, Megan and KRAUSE, Keegan (U Arizona) Reclaiming Community Food Systems in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

(TH-14) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
Transforming and Reshaping General Education in Higher Education, Part I (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: WIES, Jennifer R. (Ball State U), HALDANE, Hillary J. (Quinnipiac U)
ROTHSTEIN, Fran (Montclair State U) Gender in Rural Mexico
GINSBERG, Daniel (AAA) Living Anthropology through Critical Pedagogy
DELANY-BARMANN, Gloria and MCILVAINE-NEWSAD, Heather (WIU) Cultivating Change in the Curriculum through International Faculty Development
HENRIE, Kenneth and FATNASSI, Aziz (Champlain Coll) Multimodal Ethnography as Pedagogy: Developing Interculturality in General Education
HALDANE, Hillary (Quinnipiac U) Anthropology and General Education: Taking Seriously the Task of Educating an Undergraduate Student Body in Critical Human Diversities
IZQUIERDO BAYÀ, Marta (Independent) Exploring Two Referent Models of Inclusion and Its Social Repercussions in Catalonia

(TH-15) THURSDAY 8:00-9:50
COPAA Department Reflections on Applied Anthropology Training 

CHAIR: FELDMAN, Lindsey (U Memphis)

THURSDAY 9:00-5:00
East Atrium
Book Exhibit

(TH-31) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado A
Refugee and Immigrant Well-Being Project: A Community-University Partnership to Create Social Change
Robert A. and Beverly H. Hackenberg Lecture

CHAIR: HESS, Julia Meredith (UNM) Introduction
GOODKIND, Jessica (UNM) Refugee Well-being ProjectTheoretical and Empirical Foundations of the Immigrant Well-being Project 
MIRAMONTES, Ivette, RAMIREZ, Janet, and RODRIGUEZ, Carlos (UNM), WAGNER, William (Centro Sávila) IWP Community Partnership Processes
CARREON-FUENTES, Annette, PARKER, Danielle, and VASQUEZ GUZMAN, Estela (UNM) Results from Year One: Changes in Year Two

Panel with current students, RIWP & community organization representatives, and participants

CO-FACILITATORS: HESS, Julia Meredith and GOODKIND, Jessica (UNM)
PANELISTS: CASTELLANOS, Roma, LARA, Devon, MUTABAZI, Boney, HARRIS, Ashley, RAMIREZ, Janet, and PARKER, Danielle (UNM), RODRIGUEZ, Carlos (NMILC), CASAS, Norma (Encuentro), WAGNER, William (Centro Sávila), and RIWP Participants

(TH-32) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado B
Complex Engagement: Challenging Citizenship in Natural Resource and Agricultural Management

CHAIRS: GREEN, Molly (UNCCH), HUANG, Sarah (Purdue U)
GREEN, Molly (UNCCH) Mobilizing “Climate Smart Agriculture” to Create Equitable Communities: The Case of Women Farmers in Cauca, Colombia
HUANG, Sarah (Purdue U) Surveilled Practice: Challenges in Applied Anthropology in Post-socialist Vietnam
KELLY, Kilian (Purdue U), DAVIDSON, Lindy (USF), and KEROLLE, Reginald (Kerolle Initiative for Community Hlth, Dominican Republic) Clean Water Access in Rural Dominican Communities: Health and Resilience
BECERRA, Jose (Purdue U) The Significance of Understanding Local Economic and Climatic Risk Perceptions in Small-Scale Coffee-Growing Communities

THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado C
Immigration TIG Business Meeting

(TH-34) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado D
Cultural Citizenship, Post-migration, and Trauma, Part II (CONAA) 

CHAIR: MATTHEWS, Elise (U Regina)
DEMETRIOU, Nicole (VA) Navigating the VA While Living With HIV
MATTHEWS, Elise (U Regina), AL-JA’AFREH, Somaya (U Jordan), and GELECH, Jan (U Saskatchewan) Language, Translation and Representation: Critical Interpretation of Arabic Speaking Refugee Women’s Experiences Presented in English
LORUP, Carole and NORRIS, Susan (Immaculata U) Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Childbirth in Their Receiving Country: An Integrative Literature Review
GUTIERREZ SISNEROS, Ana X. (NNMC), FREEMAN, Linda (UNM), and PEIXINHO, Michelle (Rio Arriba County ReRoute/Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion & Recovery Corps Prog) Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion in a Complex Society: ReRouting Lives in Rio Arriba County, NM
MOHAMMED, Sarah (U Saskatchewan) Stories of Separation: A Socio-Narratological Literature Review of Immigrant Family Separation 

(TH-35) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado E
Gender, Sexual, and Reproductive Health (SMA)

CHAIR: WHITE, Cassandra (GSU)
NOONAN, Emily, WEINGARTNER, Laura, and COMBS, Ryan (U Louisville) Perspectives of Transgender/Gender Minority Standardized Patients in Medical Education
RAGSDALE, KathleenREAD-WAHIDI, Mary R., and JINKA, Malavika (MS State U SSRC), CRENSHAW, HopeFRENCH, WhitneyCOLEMAN, Monica, and WILLIAMS, Patrina (Teen Hlth Mississippi) Stuff You Need to Know. For Real!: Culturally Relevant Sexual and Reproductive Health Outreach for Teens in the Mississippi Delta
COLOM BICKFORD, Maria Marcela and MOORE, Jillian (UNM) Approaches to Contraception Counseling with Marginalized Populations
TORRES, Maria Idali (UMass), SMOLLIN, Leandra (SUNY Potsdam), SANCHEZ, Rocio (Tufts U), GRANBERRY, Phil (UMass), SANCHEZ, Ana (Maynooth U), BRAVO, Daniela and NEGRON, Rosalyn (UMass) Linguistic Maneuvers in Puerto Rican Maternal Communication about Sexual Health
WHITE, Cassandra (GSU) The Imposition of Popular Imaginaries of “When to Wean” on Breastfeeding Parents in the United States

(TH-36) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado F
ExtrACTION and Time, Part II: Narratives (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: WILLOW, Anna (OH State U)
SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamotta U) From State’s Rights to No Rights: The Constitution Pipeline Odyssey
GLASER, Alana (St. John’s U) Time to Care: Caregivers’ Activism against Extractive Industries as Medically Timed Interventions
WALSH, Casey (UCSB) The Past and Future of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
SKRZYPEK, Emilka (U St Andrews) The Time of the Mine: Progress, Development, and Stakeholder Expectations at an Undeveloped Copper and Gold Project
ORTIZ, GregorioCRAWFORD, Brian, and JACKA, Jerry (UC Boulder) Slow Violence and Fast Capitalism in Colorado’s Mineral Belt
D’AMICO, Linda (Winona State U) Ecological Citizenship and Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Conservation in the Era of Extraction

(TH-37) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado G
Practicing Anthropology in Politically Polarized Times: Insights from COPAA Members

CHAIR: TRAPP, Micah (U Memphis)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: JACKSON, Antoinette (USF), Charles (Portland State U), NUNEZ-JANES, Mariela (UNT), SCOTT, Mary Alice (NMSU)

(TH-38) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado H
Applying Anthropology to Vaccine Hesitancy: Current Themes, Policies, and Implications

BRUNSON, Emily (TX State U) and SCHOCH-SPANA, Monica (JHU) Making Decisions for a Family Unit, Not Individuals: Parental Hesitancy and Decision-Making in Regards to the H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccines
LE ROUX-KEMP, Andra (U Lincoln) Localised Legal Responses to Vaccine Hesitancy: A Contextual Overview
KADONO, Mika (USF) “Of course you have to question your doctors”: Risk, (dis)trust, and Neoliberal Mothering among Vaccine Hesitant Parents

(TH-39) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Locating Individuals in the Space of Culture (SAS)

CHAIR: DRESSLER, William (U Alabama)
HENDERSON, Nicole (U Alabama) Configurations of a Cultural Model of Substance Use in Young Adults and Patients in Treatment in Brazil
ARNOLD, Randy (U Alabama) Cultural Consonance in Narrative: An Example in the Transition to Retirement
DENGAH, Francois and FALCÃO, Ana (USU) Doing Gender in Brazil: A Nested Approach to Cultural Models of Gender Roles
COPELAND, Toni (U Alabama) Knowledge, Behavior, and Health in the Space of Culture among HIV-Positive Women in Kenya
DRESSLER, William (U Alabama) Cultural Distance and Depressive Symptoms in Urban Brazil

(TH-42) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Accommodating Research on Communication Disability (SDS)


(TH-43) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Political Ecology, Intersectional Alliances, and Navigating the Just Transition, Part II (PESO)

CHAIRS: LITTLE, Peter C. (RIC), CAMPBELL, Jacob (Field Museum)
YÁÑEZ SERRANO, Paloma (U Manchester) and LLORENS ROCAMORA, Benjamin (St. Andrews U) Visual Narratives of the End of the Oil Era: Towards an Energy Conscious Education
YÁÑEZ SERRANO, Paloma (U Manchester) and LLORENS ROCAMORA, Benjamin (St. Andrews U) The End of an Era: A Story of Oil Workers (film)

(TH-44) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Transforming and Reshaping General Education in Higher Education, Part II (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: WIES, Jennifer R. (Ball State U), HALDANE, Hillary J. (Quinnipiac U)
HOUGH, Carrie and KAUL, Adam (Augustana Coll) A Future Doctor, Banker, and Lawyer Walk into an Anthropology Class: Anthropology, General Education, and the (Neo)Liberal Arts
SCOTT, Jason (U Colorado) Getting to Foucault: Anthropological Goals for Teaching Online Courses for Incarcerated Students
BESKE, Melissa (Palmer Trinity Sch) Laying the Groundwork for General Education: Insights from a Private Secondary School
TORRES, M. GabrielaFLYNN, Lindsay, and MCCORMACK, Karen (Wheaton Coll) The Role of Social Sciences in Inclusion Driven Curricular Change in General Education
WIES, Jennifer R. (Ball State U) Anthropological Approaches to General Education Assessment: Lessons from Community-Centered and Participatory Practices
LOKER, William and WOLF, Thia (CSU Chico) Applying Anthropology in the Classroom: Communities of Practice and Activity-Based Learning in a Freshman GE Course

(TH-45) THURSDAY 10:00-11:50
Exploring Best Practices in Urban Interdisciplinary Research

CHAIRS: LINN, ColleenO’LEARY, Brendan, and AKEMANN, Camille (Wayne State U)

(TH-48) THURSDAY 11:00-1:50
Chaco Hotel – Gathering I
Society for Medical Anthropology Professionalization Seminar (SMA Workshop, Fee $20)

ORGANIZER: WOLF-MEYER, Matthew (Binghamton U)

(TH-65) THURSDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado E
SfAA Business Meeting

President Sherylyn Briller will preside at the Annual Business Meeting of the Society.  The agenda for the meeting includes several important items.  All members are urged to attend – let your opinion be heard!

(TH-91) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado A
Farming and Human Values: Products and Producers (C&A)

WHITAKER, Sarah (Emory U) When the Blonde Goat of the Adamello Comes Home: Mountain Products, Economic Viability, and Identity in the Italian Alps
MATTELIANO, Melanie (U Colorado) Destination Delicious: Land-based Education and Experiential Learning
ANDREATTA, Susan (UNCG) For the Next Generation Is Farming a Life Style Or Something Else?
FLEISCHER, David Ivan (Inter-American Fdn) The Use of Participatory Certification Systems as a Tool for Promoting Local Production Local Consumer Markets

THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado B
Dying and Bereavement SIG Meeting

(TH-93) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado C
Unexpected Turns: Alternative Conceptions of Citizenship in (Trans)National Contexts

CHAIR: FILE-MURIEL, Maria del Pilar (UNM)
FILE-MURIEL, Maria del Pilar (UNM) Territorialization of Indigenous Citizenship in Cauca, Colombia
GLINSKII, Olga (UNM) Toronto’s Ukrainians: Multiculturalism and Onomastic Policing of Cultural Citizenship
THEODOROPOULOS, Anastasia (UNM) Tradition Is a “Straight Line”: Connecting to an Imagined Orthodox Christian Citizenry in Brazil’s Middle Class
LEITER, Sarah (UNM) “We Converted 500 Years Ago”: Religious-Biological Claims to Spanish Citizenship
RHODES, Catherine (UNM) “We Are Not Maya”: Articulating Modernity in Mexico

(TH-94) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado D
SAS Student Panel (SAS)

CHAIR: SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U)
CARSON, Sarah (U Penn) Republican Feminists?: Discourse Analysis at the Intersection of Women’s Leadership and Political Orientation
THOMAS, Michael (Wayne State U) What’s the Point of a Point of View?: Decision Making and Developing Metrics in Human-Centered Design
HERNANDEZ, Rodrigo and MCCURDY, Sheryl (UT SPH Houston), JONES, Eric (UT SPH El Paso) Becoming Dispossessed: Structure and Meaning in Experiences of Material Loss During Hurricane Harvey
SAAD, Summar (Wayne State U) “Brain death is death”: Navigating Brain Death’s ‘Fuzzy’ Boundaries in Clinical Practice

(TH-95) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado E
From Passivity to Panic: Responding to Climate Change in the United States (Risk & Disater TIG)

CHAIR: CASAGRANDE, David (Lehigh U) withdrawn
MEGEE, Sarah (Washington Coll) Ethnoecological Models of Climate Change on the Eastern Shore of Maryland
SIMMS, Jessica (State of LA) Isle de Jean Charles: Community-Scale Climate Migration
RUGG, Emily (Washington Coll) Reframing Climate Narratives in a Culture of Hyper-Capitalism
GONZÁLEZ, Melinda (LSU) Trans, Brown, & Hyper-Marginalized after Hurricane Maria: Anthropological Interventions & Policy Recommendations
LAMPMAN, Aaron (Washington Coll) and CASAGRANDE, David (Lehigh U) Social and Cultural Barriers to Climate-Induced Relocation on the Chesapeake

(TH-96) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado F
More-Than-Human Approaches to Environmental Learning, Part I: More-Than-Human Approaches to Risk (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

BARGIELSKI, Richard (USF) Participatory Community Art as Engaged Chemo-Ethnography
ARCENO, Mark Anthony (OH State U) Conducting Multisensory and Multispecies Research in Alsace: Experiences from the Perspective of a Humanities and Social Sciences “Make Our Planet Great Again” Chateaubriand Fellow
MATTES, Seven (MI State U) A More-Than-Human Approach to Disaster
GRAY, Deven (USF) “That stuff gives you cancer, right?”: Conflicting Perceptions of Fumigation and Mosquitoes During an Active Dengue Epidemic

THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado G
COPAA Business Meeting

(TH-98) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado H
Student Research Experiences: Gender and Sexuality on the Border (GBV TIG)

WARLING, Adren (UTEP) Navigating Domestic Violence from LGBTQIA+ Perspectives
MENA, Annel (UTEP) I Am Not Alone: Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Theater
CORRAL, Karla (UTEP) Navigating the System: Border Experiences of Domestic Violence
HERNANDEZ, Genesis (UTEP) Get Over It: The Psychological Strain and Long-Term Effects behind Sexual Violence
VALENZUELA, Sofia (UTEP) Student Research in Sexual Health on the University of Texas at El Paso
DE ANDA, Victoria (UTEP) Narratives on Mental Health and the Emotional Experiences of Pregnancy among Immigrant Women in El Paso

(TH-100) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
P.K. New Award Presentation
Wine & Cheese Social

MODERATOR: HESSLER, Richard (U Missouri Emeritus)
TRANG, Kathy (Emory U) Cultural Shaping of Associations between Trauma Characteristics, Peritraumatic Emotions, and PTSD among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Hanoi, Vietnam
MCEVERS, Aberdeen (Macalester Coll) Building Our Shelter with the Master’s Tools: The Good Mother Model at a Homeless Shelter for Women-Led Families
MARCUS, Olivia (U Conn) Globalizing Traditions: Ayahuasca Shamanism and the Ethics of Therapeutic Integration in the Peruvian Amazon
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: FENG, Xianghong (E Michigan U), LITTLE, Peter C. (RIC), ROMERO-DAZA, Nancy (USF), WIES, Jennifer R. (Ball State U)

(TH-102) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Audio Description: A Roundtable at the Intersection of Visual Anthropology and Disability Studies (SDS)

CHAIRS: GERBER, Elaine (Montclair State U), RUTHERFORD, Danilyn (Wenner Gren)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: RUTHERFORD, Danilyn (Wenner Gren), NAKAMURA, Karen (Yale U), GERBER, Elaine (Montclair State U), KLEEGE, Georgina (UC-Berkeley), DAVENPORT, Reid (Through My Lens), BALASUBRAMANIAN, Harshadha (U Coll-London)

(TH-103) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Landscapes of Transformation, Cultures of Belonging: Political Ecologies of Infrastructure, Extraction, and Climate Change (PESO)

CHAIR: PLESHET, Noah (U Arizona)
PLESHET, Noah (U Arizona) and JONES, Charmaine (Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Ancient Alignments, New Roads: Corridors of Infrastructure and Cultures of Landscape in Central Australia
GREENBERG, James and PARK, Thomas K. (U Arizona) The Political Ecology of Climate Change in an Age of Denial
BRIDGEMAN, Lauren (U Arizona) Snake Butte: Exploring the Vulnerabilities and Components of Traditional Cultural Properties
AMPADU, Felix (U Arizona) Material Attachments: Inequality and Other Explanations for Extractive Resource Conflicts
SAUER, Christopher (U Arizona) Cultural Landscapes and the Tumamoc Hill Road Re-Pavement Project: Illustrating Connection to Place in Tucson Arizona

(TH-104) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Educating for Responsible Citizenship (Higher Ed TIG)

SCHEINFELD, Daniel (Erikson Inst-Chicago, Retired) On Educating Children and Adolescents to Respond Proactively and Creatively to the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change
BALASUNDARAM, Sasikumar and COPPERSMITH, Eryn (SIUE) Bridging the Divide: Teaching Diversity and Cultural Citizenship through Field School
COLLUM, Kourtney (COA) From Consumers to Citizens: Teaching the Anthropology of Food in the Age of Neoliberalism
SANTOS, Jose (Metro State U) Anxiety and Learning: Cultural Polarization in Social Science Courses
FULTON, Kara (UNT) Cultivating Responsible Citizenship through Service-Learning in a Nontraditional Degree Program

(TH-105) THURSDAY 1:30-3:20
Teaching and Learning: Pedagogical Techniques in the Social Sciences (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: LOTT, Jessica (NKU)
FERNANDEZ REPETTO, Francisco (UADY) and ARIZAGA, Diana (IFSA-Mexico) Confronting Cultural Diversity While Studying Abroad in Merida, Mexico
LOTT, Jessica (NKU) and SULLIVAN, Jennifer (SMU) Wikipedia and Digital Literacy: A Collaborative Approach to Building Cultural Humility
VALLES, Edgar (UW-Madison) and ROMERO, Roger (LNESC Dallas) “You Need to Intellectualize Everything!”: Thinking beyond the School-day Using a Socially Responsive Curriculum in Community Spaces

(TH-108) THURSDAY 2:00-5:00
Chaco Hotel – Gathering I
Interactive Workshop on Public Participation Mapping (Workshop, Fee $20)

ORGANIZERS: MCLAIN, Rebecca and BANIS, David (Portland State U), STANTON, Katie (OR State U), CERVENY, Lee (USFS PNWRS)

THURSDAY 2:30-3:15
Casa Esencia North
TIG Planning Meeting for Norfolk 2021

THURSDAY 3:30-4:15
Casa Esencia North
Attendees from the Tidewater Region Planning Meeting for Norfolk 2021

(TH-121) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado A
Culinary Culture and Food Justice

JORDAN, Lucor (U Denver) Sharing through Sharing: Diffusion of Food Practice within a Social Justice Organization
ROMERO-DAZA, NancyDIAZ-SERRANO, KarenLUCAS, WilliamMANZI, Michael, and HIMMELGREEN, David (USF) “I Don’t Come across Kindness Often”: Minimizing the Stigma of Food Insecurity through New Models of Service Provision
SEARLES, Edmund (Bucknell U) One Group Meal at a Time: Cultural vs Individualized Citizenship in Nunavut
SERRATO, Claudia (U Washington) A Taste of Decoloniality and Ancestral Memory: Indigenous Culinary Culture, Epistemology, and Foodways in Turtle Island’s Food Sovereignty and Culinary Movement
RAMÍREZ, Belinda and GARTH, Hanna (USCD) Struggling in the Movement: The Challenges of Food Justice Organizing in Neoliberal Contexts

(TH-122) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado D
Theorizing the Complexities of Black Communities: Race, Culture and Citizenship

RODRIGUEZ, Cheryl (USF) Walking on Zion: The Silences and Erasures of African American Life in Florida
PHILLIPS, Evelyn (CCSU) African Americans in St. Petersburg, Florida: Displaced in Plain Sight
KLUGH, Elgin (Coppin State U) Placemaking and the Politics of Memory at Baltimore’s Historic Laurel Cemetery
WINN, Alisha (Consider the Culture/Palm Beach Atlantic U) Owning the Narrative, Owning the Neighborhood: Working in a Revitalized-Destined African American Community
WATKINS, Rachel (American U) Community Voice and Democratized Interpretation of Historic Sites

(TH-123) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado C
Realizing Global Citizenship: Interactions of Ethnicities, Citizenship, and Cultural Identities in Diverse Societies, a COPAA Student Session (Immigration TIG)

MELLIN, Sarah (Davidson Coll) Beneath the Bricks: Reckoning with Legacies of Colonialism, Slavery, and White Supremacy at Davidson College
RODRIGUEZ, Cynthia (Davidson Coll) Gentrification and School Community in Pilsen, Chicago: Understanding the Role of Collective Memory in Displacement
MUNKRES MCDONALD, Anthony and FARNSWORTH, Katelyn (NAU) Rediscovery of Identity in a Latino Society: Community Engagement with Rapanui Youth
ZAROFF, Zoe (GVSU) and PENADOS, Filiberto (U Toronto) Growing Heritage: The Home Gardens of San Jose Succotz
GILLIAM, Ashley (Brandeis U) When Lack of Knowledge Seems Useful: Perceptions of Muslims in the US and the UK

(TH-124) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado D
Negotiating Culture in the Rural Opioid Crisis

ARAUJO HERRERA, Mariana N. and ALBERO, Kimberly (UVA) Biomedicine and the Local Cultural Contexts of Central Appalachia
BURRAWAY, Joshua (UVA) Keeping It in the Family: Sharing Suboxone in Rural Appalachia
SNELL-ROOD, Claire (UC Berkeley) Negotiating and Resisting Biomedical Efforts to De-Stigmatize Addiction
SZOTT, Kelly (S Oregon U) Perspectives on the Moral Qualities of Methadone and Buprenorphine in the Rural Midwest

(TH-125) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado E
Michael Kearney Memorial Lecture

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: BESSERER, Federico (U Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City) Transnational Citizenship: Challenges in an Era of Renewed Nationalisms

(TH-126) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado F
More-Than-Human Approaches to Environmental Learning, Part II: Imagining More-Than-Human Futures (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

LOWDEN, Sara (U Maine) Agave, Bats and the Borderlands: Representation and Multispecies Imaginaries in Arizona, United States and Sonora, Mexico
HOYT, Kaleigh (USF) Bird Brains & Big Ideas
VANWINKLE, Tony (Sterling Coll) Eulogium for the Ash Tree: Extinction and the Ethics of Uncertainty in Multi-species Interventions

(TH-127) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado G
Assessing Technology Use in Personal and Professional Environments (Business TIG)

CHAIR: DELCORE, Henry (CSU Fresno)
DELCORE, Henry and RICKMAN, Aimee (CSU Fresno) Shame and Self-Regulation in Young Peoples’ Perceptions of Inappropriate Cellphone Use
BAILEY, Melanie (SJSU) Facing an Automated Future: How Small U.S. Bookkeepers Are Adapting to Changing Accounting Technology
MAZUR-STOMMEN, Susan (Indicia Consulting) Characterizing Household Engagement with Personal Technology Using Ethnographic Decision Tree Models
LARKIN, Lance (Construction Engineering Rsch Lab) “That machine won’t hit me”: Measuring Social Links between Autonomous Vehicles and Humans on Military Bases

THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado H
Human Rights & Social Justice Committee Meeting

(TH-129) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Topics in Anthropological Science I: Cultural Models and Kinship (SAS)

CHAIR: DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U)
DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U) Do Cultural Models Exist in the Mind Or Only in Publications?
KRONENFELD, David (UCR) Implications of Gould’s Kinterminology Analysis System

THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Business TIG Meeting

(TH-131) THURSDAY 3:30-5:30

ADAMS, Tanisha (WVU) Undergraduate Anthropology as White Academic Space?: Perceptions and Experiences of Minority Anthropology Students at West Virginia University
AMMONS, Samantha (UN-Omaha) Oh, the Stories We Share!: What Can the Little Free Library Database Tell Us about the Limits of Neighborhood Engagement in Omaha, NE?
BARONE, T. Lynne (U Nebraska), HAY, William H. (U Nebraska Med Ctr), AMMONS, Samantha K. (UN-Omaha), MCGUIRE, Joseph (U Alabama), HUGHES, Craig G., HUYNH, Bao Tram NgocBROWN, AngelaALEXANDER, AlanaTHOMPSON, BreannaGRAY, ElyssaPOWELL, Mary Ann, and IRWIN, Jay (UN-Omaha) Inside Out: Space and Hierarchy in an Interprofessional Student-Run Free Clinic
BEHLING, Emma (NAU) GIS Analysis of Ancestral Puebloan Agricultural Strategies and Landscape Use on Black Mesa
BERNARD, Miranda and GERBER, Leah (ASU) Community Engagement for Impactful Conservation in Caribbean Marine Protected Areas
BONAGURIO, Christine (TX State U) Experiencing Meals on Wheels Meal Delivery Program
BOSTICK, Gaia (U Puget Sound) An Ethnographic Assessment of Restoration Efforts on the Great Barrier Reef
BROPHY, Kendall, WIES, Jennifer, PLACE, Jean Marie, and PLACEK, Caitlyn (Ball State U) Perinatal Opioid Users’ Perceptions of Healthcare Providers and Their Influence on Treatment
BUCHMAN, Talia, DILLON, Daniel D., and DONALDSON, Susanna (WVU), MORRIS, Ann M. (WVU Cancer Inst) Cultural Knowledge and Perception of Cancer and Cancer Healthcare among a College-going/College-educated Population in North Central West Virginia
*BUEERMANN, Claudia (Whitman Coll) Mountaineering on Sacred Spaces in the Pacific Northwest: Finding Mutual Meaning, Use, and Value
BYTH, JaniceGOEBEL, James, HAWVERMALE, Erica, GIAMARQO, GiSCOTT, LaurenALVARADO, Angela, and HENRY, Doug (UNT) Pick Two- School, Work, Social Life, Sleep: An Exploration of Undergraduates’ Sleeping Habits
CACHORA, Natalia (U Arizona) Reconnecting Paiute Elders with Traditional Places
CAPEL, TaraREMIS, Melissa, and LINDSHIELD, Stacy (Purdue U) Ethnoprimatology: Preliminary Results of an Applied Approach to Highway Construction in Costa Rica
CARRILLO, Mari and ALLISON, Kerensa (Lewis-Clark State Coll) Medical Pluralism: Shifts in Traditional Knowledge and Practice among Sobadores
CHOWDHURY, Nusaiba (SMU) Idioms of Distress among Muslim Refugees: An Ethnographically-Informed Literature Review
COHN, Maxx (U Puget Sound) Masculinity through a Lens of Indoor Recreational Rock Climbing
COLLIVER, Amelia (U Puget Sound) Productivity, Competition, and Empowerment?: The Experience of Pondicherry Fisherwomen in the Context of Neoliberal Development
CONNELLY, Alicia and MURPHY, Arthur (UNCG), JONES, Eric C. (UTH TMC) Social Media and Political Mobilization: The ABC Day Care Fire in Hermosillo, Mexico
COUGHLAN, Michael (U Oregon), ABRAMS, Jesse (UGA), CRANDEL, Mindy (OR State U), and GAYER, Nicole (U Maine) Youth Aspirations amid Economic and Demographic Transition in Coos County, Oregon
CROWLEY, Sydney (TTU) Singing Discrimination: The Hidden Reality of Gender Inequality in Capoeira Songs
DAWSON, Kayla, O’BRIEN, Daniel, and COLLINGS, Margaret (IUP) Local Business Perceptions on Sustainability and Plastic Waste
DUNCAN, Carly and MORRISON, Penelope (Penn State U) Male Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrator’s Perspectives on Their Mental Health, Help Seeking, and IPV
FILIPPONE, Rachel, ASHOK KUMAR, Rinku, HERRERA, Victor, and FOSBINDER, Emma (U Arizona) Exploring Transitions to Adulthood for Young Adults with Disabilities
FOLDVARY, Alexis (U Puget Sound) Imagined Chinatowns: Western Versus Asian Perceptions and Experiences of Chinatown
FOY, Abby (U Puget Sound) The English Language in the Gambia: The Intersection between Identity and Economic Opportunities
*GEBBIA, Erica (Bloomsburg U) Conceptualizing Space and Place: Ethnographic Accounts of a Cross-Country Cycling Voyage
GILBERT, Tara (Baylor U) Cultivating Climate Adaptation: Factors Influencing Responses of Texas Farmers to Climate Change
GILLIAM, Maya (U Puget Sound) Resurgence and Revitalization: Indigenous Food Sovereignty Initiatives in the Puget Sound Region
*GRONDA, Faith (CSBSJU) Revitalizing Native Seeds: Dream of Wild Health’s Mission to Reconnect Native Youth to Cultural Traditions through Agriculture
GUSTKE, Abigail (U Puget Sound) Forming Community and Identity through Gastronomy: Exploring the Social Meanings Associated with the Production and Consumption of Street Food in America
GUTKIN, Alana (U Puget Sound) Ethnographic Assessment of Elderly Immigrants’ Experiences
HAM, Jessica and GIBSON, Alaina (Emory U) From a Sickness of the Head to a Sickness of the Heart?: Exploring the Nexus of Perceived and Biological Stress in Rural Ghana
HENSLEY, Samantha (WVU) Cultural Perceptions of Child and Adolescent Farm Labor: An Appalachian Case-Study
HORTON, Emily Y. (UGA) and FORTES CARVALHO-NETA, Raimunda Nonata (U Estadual do Maranhão) Scalar Challenges and Valuing Localized Knowledge in Co-management of Fisheries in a Brazilian Marine Extractive Reserve
HUFF, Ashley (Bloomsburg U) Why Anthropology?
JORDAN, Mandy (UNT) Community Engagement Post-Santa Fe High School Shooting: A Look at the Community’s Alternative Therapy Needs
KANUGULA, Samanvi, YEEM, Julia, MBULLO, Patrick, SINGH, Revika, and YOUNG, Sera (Northwestern U Young Rsch Group) Household Water Insecurity Diminishes Social Capital Gain among Women in Western Kenya
KELLER, Jessica (UNT) Applying Anthropology to Reduce Disparities and Improve Outcomes in LGBTQIA+ Healthcare
KHAN, Hamda (STJCRH Memphis) Effects of Memphis’ Food Deserts on Healthcare Outcomes for Sickle Cell Patients
KOCELKO, Melissa (U Denver) Drawing Identities: Storytelling in Indigenous Comic Books
KOSNIK, Emily (GVSU) Raciolinguistic Ideologies of Language Education Practices in Grand Rapids, Michigan
*KRAUSE, Keegan (U Arizona) Stigma in Paradise: Experiences of Young Haitian Men with Im/migration, Occupational Health, and Global Tourism in the Dominican Republic
LEMIEUX, Evangeline and MORRISON, Lynn (UH-Hilo) Citizenship of a Skull: Tracing the Journeys of Skeletal Material
LOPEZ, Andrea and BURKE, Nancy (UC Merced) Raising Latino Children in Rural California in an Era of Anti-immigrant Federal Policies
MARTINEZ TYSON, DinorahSOMMARIVA, SilviaDAO, Lillie, and FROSS, Marshara (USF), SANDBERG, Joanne (Wake Health) Men at Work: Delineating Men’s Decisions About Work After a Cancer Diagnosis
MCHENRY, Taylor and MORRISON, Penelope (PSU-NK) Alcohol Use in IPV Perpetrators
MCINTOSH, Alena (U Puget Sound) An Anthropological Examination of the “Deep State” in Modern America
*MERTUS, Benjamin (OH State U) The Potential for Ecocultural Preservation through Ecotourist Interfaces in Manawan, Quebec
MORENO, Ashley (Bloomsburg U) Rwandan and Tanzanian Nurses and Midwives in Situations of Scarcity and Shortage
NANDI, Meghna (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance, Warren Alpert Med Sch), KURSCHNER, Sophie (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance), WILCOX, Katie (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance, Weill Cornell Med), MUX, Magda Sotz (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance), FLOOD, David (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance, U Michigan), BARNOYA, Joaquín (UNICAR), MENDOZA, Carlos (INCAP), ROHLOFF, Peter (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance, Harvard Med Sch, Brigham & Women’s Hosp), and CHARY, Anita (Wuqu’ Kawoq, Maya Hlth Alliance, Brigham & Women’s Hosp) Perceptions of Chronic Kidney Disease in an Indigenous Rural Population in Guatemala
O’CONNELL, Caela (UNCCH) and BROWNE, Katherine (CO State U) “Where Vulnerability Meets Self-Preservation”: Finding the Energy of Underlying Vulnerability After Disaster
OCONNELL, Ryan (UC-Denver) Parents With Adolescents Who Are Transgender: Reflections on Lived Experience
ORZOLEK, Julia (Bloomsburg U) The Impact of the “Jaws Effect”: Education, and Experience on Shark Conservation
OSBORN, Alan (UN-Omaha) Droughts, Rodents, and Weevils: Ecological Basis for Ritual Burning
OSMAN, Gail (Ben-Gurion U) Claiming Citizenship Rights: The Meaning of Activism among Naqab Bedouin Women CSO-Leaders in Israel
PAIGEJulianne (MS State U), BENYSHEK, Daniel C. and YOUNG, Sharon M. (UNLV), SELANDER, Jodi (Placenta Benefits LTD)CANTOR, Allison (Monteverde Inst Costa Rica) Who Is Recommending Placenta Consumption?: A Survey of Placentophagic Mothers
PATTERSON, Kayla (CSULB) Adaptive Strategies to Chronic Illness for Latinx Patients in Southern California
PENNEY, Lauren (STVHCS, UTHSCSA), HOMOYA, Barbara J., DAMUSH, Teresa M.RATTRAY, Nicholas A.MIECH, Edward J.MYERS, Laura J.BAIRD, SeanCHEATHAM, Ariel, and BRAVATA, Dawn M. (VA) “We’re all in the same boat”: Fostering Community of Practice to Encourage Evidence-based Change in Healthcare
PREDDY, Miranda and MURPHY, Arthur (UNCG) Remodeling Pathways of Community Nutrition and Wellbeing: A Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program (SNAP-Ed) Partnership with Collaborative Cottage Grove
RADCLIFFE, Olivia (U Alabama) The Ones Left Behind: Social Determinants of Health in an Aging Population in the Peruvian Highlands
RAHME, Madeline (U Denver) More than Music: The Lived Experiences of Communities Developed through Music Festivals
RAMSEY, Alec (Baylor U) Digital Landscapes: Comparative Analysis on Social Media Interaction with Climate Activism
RANDIMBIARIMANANA, Clara (U Arizona) Language Ideologies in Post-colonial Madagascar
RATTRAY, Nick (VA/IUPUI), NATIVIDAD, Diana (VA), and MIECH, Edward (VA/IUPUI) The Importance of Finding Purpose: A Configurational Approach to Understanding Veteran Community Reintegration
RAY, Ian (U Denver, Aurora CC, Red Rocks CC), DONAHUE, John (Hartford CC), ZOVAR, Jennifer (Whatcom CC), and SCARBOROUGH, Isabel (Parkland Coll, U IL Urbana-Champaign) Developing an OER for Introductory Archaeology Courses
RIBEIRO PORTO ARAUJO, Mariana and FARIAS, Carmen Roselaine de Oliveira (OR State U) Redefine the Place of Local Knowledge in Science Education
ROBBERS, Lauren and ROBBINS, Taylor (Purdue U) Learning Client Centered Work Skills through the Space for Practice: A Library Renovation Project
RODDEN, Emily (W Chester U) Humanitarian Aid on the US/Mexico Border
SAKLEH, Andrea (MS State U) Perspectives on Shame among Palestinian Women
SANCHEZ CASTILLO, Mariana (U Puget Sound) Weaving Sustainability and Carving Identity: An Exploration of Artisan Livelihood in Oaxaca, Mexico
SCHALGE, Susan and ANTON, Alexander (MNSU-Mankato) Are you first-gen? So am I”
SCHWEDE, Laurie (Independent), JENSEN, Eric (US Census Bureau), and GRIFFIN, Deborah (Independent) Statistician Measuring Linkages among Complex Households, Race/Ethnicity, and the Undercount of Young Children in U.S. Decennial Censuses
SELMO, Caiying (CSBSJU) Religious Inclusivity at a Catholic Institution
*SHENKMAN, Julia (Northwestern U) Redefining the Borders of Medical Tourism: Navigating Healthcare in an Evolving Local Knowledge System
SMITH, Chad (UTK) Stigma Surrounding HIV/AIDS in the Appalachian South
STEPHENSON, Moriah Bailey (U Arizona), DOSS, Jennie Lee and HOFSTADTER, Sarah (BARA) Where Are All the Workers?: A Look at the Complexity of Reaching Offshore Oil and Gas Workers in Coastal Louisiana
THOMAS, Corinne (Bloomsburg U) The Psychosocial Effects of Chronic Stress on Federal Correctional Officers
THOMAS, Rhiana, KANE, Abigail, and PINA, Sashiel (NMSU), TSABETSAYE, McKayla (San Juan Coll), CEBALLOS, Rachel (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Rsch Ctr), DE LA ROSA, Ivan (NMSU), and SCOTT, Mary Alice (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Rsch Ctr) Barriers & Facilitators to the Use of a Social Determinants of Health Screening Tool
THOMPSON-CAMPITOR, Carly (NAU) Liminality and Societal Reintegration: How a Suspended State of Being Influences the Path Back to Society After Living with Illness
TOME, Lilibeth (CSULB) Growing Food in an Urban Area: Comparative Analysis of Food Deserts
TOOHER, Erin (UNM), COMARDELLE, Chantel (Isle de Jean Charles Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Tribe), and LESEN, Amy (Tulane U) Isle de Jean Charles Tribal Resettlement: A Tribal Cultural Heritage Protection Plan, Collaborative Research Funding, and the State of Louisiana
TOVARAntonio (Farmworker Assoc FL), MAC, Valerie (Emory U), ECONOMOS, Jeannie (Farmworker Assoc FL), FLOCKS, Joan (UFL), and MCCAULEY, Linda (Emory U) Rest Or Water: Risks of Farmworkers’ Kidneys
TURNER SAGE, Livia (U Puget Sound) The Historical Footprint of the Music Venue
WARNER, Faith (Bloomsburg U) Intergenerational and International Trauma in Guatemalan Refugee Populations
WECHTER, Alex (CSULB) Homeless to a Degree: An Ethnographic Study of Student Homelessness at a California State University Campus
WESTBROOK, Marisa (UC Denver) Navigating the Risk of Exclusionary Displacement: A Provisional Conceptual Framework of the Drivers of Gentrification
WILLIAMSON, Kenneth and SHEEHAN, Megan (CSBSJU) Food Insecurity on University Campuses: How to Best Address the Problem
WINIECKI, Donald, KAPPELMAN, Katherine, and HAY, Bryant (Boise State U) Inductive Qualitative Social Science Research as a Necessary Element of Data Science
WINSTEAD, Candace, LEACHMAN, Nicolas, JOHNSON, Amelia, and MILLER, Macie (Cal Poly U), WINSTEAD, Teresa (Saint Martin’s U) Harm Reduction Services Outreach: Expanding Access and Amplifying Participant Voice
*ZAGATA, Alison (Whitman Coll) Vines, Wines, and Wellness: Examining Cultural Perspectives on Healthcare through the Lens of the Walla Walla Wine Industry
ZRILE, Helena (Saint Vincent Coll) Food Insecurity on a College Campus

* Tourism Posters

(TH-132) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Navigating Conflicting Demands and Contested Citizenship in Higher Education throughout the Life Course and across the Disability Spectrum (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: KABEL, Allison (Towson U), PAUL-WARD, Amy (FIU)
ORBANN, Carolyn (U Missouri) Extending Accessibility Standards beyond the Classroom: Experiences in Faculty-led International Experiential Learning
KABEL, Allison (Towson U) Selective Disclosure Conundrum: Supporting Students with Hidden Challenges
PAUL-WARD, Amy (FIU) Let Us Be Free Birds: Promoting Independence among Youth with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Programs

(TH-134) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Anthropology in and of Curriculum and Assessment Practice (Higher Ed TIG)

ALVEY, Jennifer (UM-Flint) Leading Without Authority: Advancing Reflective Practice and Reforming General Education from the Bottom-Up
KURLANSKA, Courtney (Worcester Polytechnic Inst) Culture across the Curriculum
CASPER, Breanne, PAJUNEN, Matthew, DAVIS-SALAZAR, Karla, and REYES, Lucio (USF) Audit, Accountability and Ethnography: A Study of Impacts of Metric-Based Performance Measures
OGILVIE, Kristen (U Alaska) Applying Program Evaluation Principles: Engaged Scholarship in Curriculum Design and Academic Assessment
HERCKIS, Lauren (CMU) The Good Professor: Conflict between Policies, Norms, and Evidence-Based Practices in Higher Education

(TH-135) THURSDAY 3:30-5:20
Heritage and Museums

CHAIR: JOLIE, Edward A. (Mercyhurst U)
JORDAN, Michael (TTU) Material Culture and Indigenous Knowledge: Community Engagement and the Southern Plains Beadwork Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
JOLIE, Edward A. and MARJENIN, Anne E. (Mercyhurst U),
 TOTH, Jay (Seneca Nation of Indians), MALISCHKE, LisaMarie and OWOC, Mary Ann (Mercyhurst U) Tribally Driven Archaeology and Heritage Preservation Initiatives at Custaloga Town (36Me57), Pennsylvania, an 18th Century Seneca-Delaware Village
JUAREZ, Ana (TX State U) and GALLARDO, Susana (SJSU) Deracializing Archives and Rewriting Public History: The Erasing of Mexican American Lives and Deaths in 20th Century Central Texas
WUNROW, Christine (U Memphis) Birthing a New Museum: The Pink Palace Museum’s Collaborative Journey to Share Power and Cultivate Inclusivity
TURNER, Christopher Lindsay (Smithsonian, Nat’l Museum of the American Indian) Stepping Carefully into the Murk’: Negotiating Politics and Interpretation of Environmental Justice at the National Museum of the American Indian

THURSDAY 4:30-5:15
Casa Esencia North
2021 Program Committee Meeting

THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado A
Tourism and Heritage TIG Meeting

(TH-152) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado B
Immigration, Homelessness & Systemic Injustices

CHOWBAY, Ora (Fielding Grad U) Neoliberalism and Mass Incarceration
GORDON, Theodor and WINTERS, Claire (CSBSJU) Redressing a Hidden History of Injustice: Native American Boarding School Research in Campus Archives
MARIL, Lee (ECU) and HALL, Jayme (Independent) “Todo Bien, Gracias a Dios”: The Impact of National Policy Change upon Immigrant Children and Their Families in Public School Classrooms in Two Communities in Rural North Carolina
PAGE, J. Bryan (U Miami) Long-term Follow-up and Limits to Intervention: Ethnography at Great Time Depth
SIMMONS, Brianna (UCR) Revisiting Citizenship in Experiences of Kenyan Healthcare Policies
FRYMAN, Brandon (Shoreline CC) Applying Anthropology at a Women’s Shelter: Needs Assessment, Writing Grants, and Sex Trafficking

(TH-153) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado C
Shared Spaces of Visibility, Perception, and Resilience (Immigration TIG)

CORDWELL, Cailan (ASU) Mental Health and Resilience in the Undocuqueer Community
FABOS, Anita (Clark U), HAMILTON, Cheryl (IINE), and ALEXANDER, Achu Johnson (Clark U) Shared Worlds?: Observations on Relations between US- and Foreign-born Residents of Worcester, MA
LANE, Rebecca (Marine Corps U) Family Planning and the Subversive Enactment of Biological Citizenship by Latina Immigrants
LUBIT, Amanda (Queen’s U Belfast) The Politics of (In)Visibility in the Everyday Movements of Muslim Women in Sectarian Belfast

(TH-155) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado E
Health and the Lifecycle: Youth and Aging (SMA)

CHAIR: TAYLOR, Gigi (Indeed)
TAYLOR, Gigi (Indeed) Meaning in Transition: An Ethnographic Study of the Cultural Construction of Health and Identity among Young Adults
SCHNEIDER, Sue (CO State U Ext) Senior Access Points: Bridging the Rural Resource Divide
GOLDBERG, Anne and PESZKA, Jennifer (Hendrix Coll) Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for What We Will: Psychological and Anthropological Investigations in the Blue Zones
SHERMAN, Rebecca (Hendrix Coll) Attitudes toward Work in Blue Zones: A Step in the Direction of Successful Aging

(TH-156) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado F
The Future of Forever Chemicals?: Citizen Participation and Rising Awareness of Toxic Contamination in a Time of Deregulation (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG) 

LINDSTROM, Andrew (EPA) GenX and Other Poly and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Surface and Drinking Water in North Carolina
ALEXANDER, WilliamDAVIS, Ashley B., and CABALLERO, Grey W. (UNCW) Proximities to Risk in the Cape Fear River Basin: An Introduction to Situated Perceptions and Strategies in an Environmental Justice Movement
CABALLERO, Grey, ALEXANDER, William L., and DAVIS, Ashley B. (UNCW) Proximities to Risk in the Cape Fear River Basin: Case Studies in Situated Perceptions and Strategies in an Environmental Justice Movement
BOND, David (Bennington Coll) Understanding PFOA: Ethnography and Advocacy in the Ruins of Plastics
PERKINS, Harold (Ohio U) and KOZLOWSKI, Michelle (Independent) Environmental Justice in Appalachia Ohio?: An Expanded Consideration of Privilege and the Role It Plays in Defending the Contaminated Status Quo in a White, Working-Class Community

THURSDAY 5:30-6:30
Alvarado G
Fisheries and Coastal Communities TIG Meeting

(TH-158) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Alvarado H
Migrant Health Care Access and Health Promotion (Immigration TIG) 

CHAIR: ANTENUCCI, Isabella (UMass) 
ANTENUCCI, IsabellaIDALI TORRES, Maria, and GRANBERRY, Phillip (UMass) Por Ahi Dicen: Sexual Health Promotion Campaign in a Puerto Rican Community
FERRERA, Julieta and LOPEZ, Andrea M. (UMD) Compounded Vulnerability of Latinx Who Use Drugs: Legal Violence and Frontline Provider’s Activism
IRONS, Rebecca (U Coll London) Available but Invisible: Venezuelan Migrant Access to Sexual & Reproductive Health Services in Lima, Peru
MARTINEZ, Konane and HOLMES, Kristine (CSUSM) “It’s not our job”: Healthcare Workers’ Perspectives on Public Charge

THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
SAS Executive Meeting

(TH-160) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
WAPA Praxis Award Ceremony and Reception

Since 1981, the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists has presented the Praxis Award to recognize outstanding achievement in translating anthropological knowledge into action as reflected in a single project.

FINALISTS: 2019-2020 Competition
MOOKHERJEE, Nayanika (Durham U) Birangona: Towards Ethical Testimonies of Sexual Violence During Conflict (setting Bangladesh). This project developed guidelines and a graphic novel in Bangla and English to support ethical behavior in documenting testimonies of sexual violence during conflict. It seeks to change both ideas and practices and contribute to the welfare of survivors.
SCHWEDE, Laurie, JENSEN, Eric, GRIFFIN, Deborah, and KONICKI, Scott (U.S. Census Bureau) Complex Households and the Undercount of Young Children (setting U.S.-wide) In the 2010 U.S. Census young children had the highest net undercount rate of any age cohort. To address this, researchers analyzed data through a new complex household typology. The Census Bureau will use this innovation in the 2020 Population Census.
PAOLISSO, Michael, JOHNSON, KatherineVAN DOLAH, Elizabeth, and MILLER HESED, Christine (UMD) Deal Island Peninsula Project (setting Chesapeake Bay, U.S.) Developed by anthropologists in collaboration with environmental researchers, resource managers, and local communities, the project applies anthropological theory and methods to improve the climate adaptation and resilience of the Deal Island Peninsula.

(TH-162) THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Society for Disability Studies President’s Town Hall (SDS)

CHAIRS: KASNITZ, Devva (SDS), WOIAK, Joanne (U Washington)

THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
Higher Ed TIG Board Meeting

THURSDAY 5:30-7:20
PESO Business Meeting

THURSDAY 6:00-8:00
University of North Texas Reception

THURSDAY 7:30-10:30
Student Party

President Briller will welcome the students.  Hors d’oeuvres will be served and beverages may be purchased.

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