Saturday, March 21


SATURDAY 8:00-12:00
Casa Esencia
SfAA Board Meeting

(S-01) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado A
Migrant and Indigenous Health (SMA)

MANTINI BRIGGS, Clara (ISSI UC-Berkeley) Fighting Chronic Cultural Impossibility: When the Rights to Health of Indigenous People Are at Stake in the Context of International Politics of Migration
JERNIGAN, Kasey (UVA) and LEATHERMAN, Thomas (UMass) Embodied Heritage Framework: Meaning-making Matters
SCHMIDT-SANE, Megan (CWRU) The Political Economy of HIV/AIDS in Urban Uganda: Hustling, Economic Survival, and Challenges in HIV Treatment Adherence among Low-Income Men
SMITH-MORRIS, Carolyn (SMU) The Slow Panic - Leverage Points for Decolonizing Healthcare

(S-02) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado B
Violence, Exploitation, and the Politics of Migrant Visibility (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: BUFORD, Sarah (Hendrix Coll)
BUFORD, Sarah (Hendrix Coll) Detention Centers at the US-Mexico Border: A Study of Physical Space and Power
DELUCA, Eileen (FSW) Conflict Heritage: Oral History of Female, Afro-descendant Indigenous Contra War Combatants
GRADY, Sandra (Georgetown U) Somali Bantu Approaches to Violence Reduction
MARCONI, Veronica (OR State U) Labor Exploitation as Usual: On the Trivialization of Systemic Migrant Exploitation in Tuscany, Italy

(S-03) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado C
Creating Archives of the Immigrant Experience (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: STAUBER, Leah (U Arizona)
NEISS, Kassandra (Village Exchange Ctr) Using Contact, Contention, and Commonality to Create Multicultural and Multi-faith Shared-Space
STAUBER, Leah (U Arizona) and MUNDT, Kirsten (UNM) Bodies of Resistance-Resilience: A Novel Approach to Traumatic Stress Intervention among Detained and Transitioning Immigrant Families at the U.S.-Mexico Border
TOOHER, Erin (UNM) “It’s not so easy in the ‘Big Easy’”Female Honduran Migrant Struggles for Citizenship and Belonging in Post-Katrina New Orleans
WHITMAN, Loren Ezra (UIC) Computer-Assisted Networked Ethnography: A Methodology Proposal
ZANCHETTA, Margareth, SATTAUR, S., HUACO, N., LELAY, M., LELAY, M. M., and ALEMAN-PASTOR, A. (Ryerson U), PACHECO, L. (Federal U Goias) Lens of Social Justice and Inclusiveness for Immigrant/Refugees/Stateless Individuals: Adoption by Canadian Students to Immersion in Research Fieldwork in Goiania, Brazil

(S-04) SATURDAY 8:00-11:00
Alvarado D
Creative Methodologies and Their Results 

BABCHUK, Wayne (UN-Lincoln), HITCHCOCK, Robert K. (UNM), BARTHOLOMEW, Theodore T. (Scripps Coll), and GUETTERMAN, Timothy C. (Creighton U) Grounded Theory Ethnography: Innovative Strategies for Conducting Community Oriented Anthropological Research
SALVADOR, Melina (UCSF/UC-Berkeley) Psychosis Timelines and Their Value beyond Diagnosis
WATSON, Sharon (UNCC) Beyond the Scope: What To Do With Broad Problems Uncovered During Research
BAIRD, SeanNATIVIDAD, Diana M., and DO, Ai-Nghia L. (VA) Rapid Ethnographic Assessment: Applying the 5-Minute Interview Technique in Research with Military Veterans in Community Contexts
DRYDEN, Eileen, HYDE, Justeen, BOLTON, Rendelle, DVORIN, Kelly, WU, Juliet, and BOKHOUR, Barbara (VHA, CHOIR) Navigating the Political Life of Data: Lessons from an Evaluation of Culture Change in the Veterans Health Administration
LOUNSBURY, Mary (Mythos-Sphere) Here We Are. What Can We Do?
HAANSTAD, Eric (U Notre Dame) Future Templates and Temporal Projection in Design Anthropology

(S-05) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado E
At the Frayed Edges of Policy: Practices and Engagements as People and Policies Meet

CHAIRS: STOREY, Angela (U Louisville), SHEEHAN, Megan (CSBSJU)
MANDACHE, Luminita-Anda (U Arizona) Unforeseen Impacts of Local Development Policy: Measuring the “Good” Produced through Alternative Currencies in Urban Northeast Brazil
HAYES, Lauren (UC-Davis) Local Encounters with Development “Failure” in Appalachia
SHEEHAN, Megan (CSBSJU) Migratory Push-Back: Debating Policy and Its Implications in Chile
STOREY, AngelaVALENTINE, LauraCLEMONS, Victoria, and JOHNSON, David (U Louisville), SMITH, Allison (Metro Louisville), DECARO, Daniel and HEBERLE, Lauren (U Louisville) Policy Aspirations: Public Participation and Resilience in Louisville, KY
RADONIC, Lucero (MSU) Before and Beyond Environmental Policies for Urban Sustainability: A Look at Green Infrastructure

(S-06) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado F
Citizen Science and Science for Citizens: Using Anthropology to Promote Sustainability and Quality of Life (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: VEDWAN, Neeraj (Montclair State U)
COX, Kathryn (UCI) Re-imagining the Citizen in Citizen Science: Community Air Monitoring in a Southern California Immigrant Neighborhood
VEDWAN, Neeraj (Montclair State U), BRISTOL, Warren (U Arizona), and LAL, Pankaj (Montclair State U) Improved Biomass Cookstove in Rural Rwanda: Use, Benefits and Challenges That Constrain Diffusion
STOTTS, Rhian and LOPEZ JARAMILLO, Oscar G. (ASU), KELLEY, Scott and KRAFFT, Aimee (UNR), KUBY, Michael (ASU) Predicting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Purchases: Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling of Purchasing Decisions in California
OLSON, Ernest (Wells Coll) Cars, Conspiracies, and American Culture

(S-08) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado H
Representing Diversity and Minority Voices throughout Our National Parks: Some Examples from the NPS Cultural Anthropology Program, Part I (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG) 


(S-09) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Topics in Anthropological Science III: Cooperation, Refugees, and Politics (SAS)

CHAIR: LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U)
LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U) Navigating Cultural Politics in Modern Pakistan
JOHNSON, Jeffrey and SCHON, Justin (UFL) Classifying Refugee Flows: Towards a Macro Level Theory of Refugee Flow Networks
QIRKO, Hector (College of Charleston) The Role of Culture in Human Cooperation

(S-11) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Preparing for the Perilous (Risk & Disaster TIG)

REDDY, Elizabeth and BRECKENRIDGE, Lanie (CO Sch of Mines) What’s an Earthquake Early Warning?: Popular Media and Expert Accounts of ShakeAlert
TRIVEDI, Jenn (UDel) Get a Game Plan”: The Role of Football in the American South in Hurricane and Flood Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
JOHNSON, Mei (UDel) Pass or Fail: Examining Undergraduate Students as Prepared, Marginalized, and Resilient

(S-12) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Gender Issues and Activism

AILSHIRE, Sara (UConn) Too Much Too Soon, Too Little Too Late: The Uses of Human Rights to End the Mistreatment of Women During Childbirth in India
ANDREWS, Deborah (UNF) Sex, Gender, and the U.S. Supreme Court: Words and Deeds Matter
KAVIN, Rick (Rutgers U) Same-sex Marriage in American Samoa: The Last American Frontier for Marriage Equality
MCCLURE, Stephanie (U Alabama) Integrity of Type, Not Integrity of Competition: Natural Testosterone, Women Athletes and Perceptions of Threat
PAGE, Sarah (ECU) In a Compromised Position: Incomplete Jamaican LGBTQ Citizenship as Push Factor for Sexual Migration and Transnationalizing Queer Identities Somewhere over the Rainbow
MACLEOD, Erin (Vanier Coll) and ANDERSON, Moji (U W Indies) Beyond Homophobia: An Unapologetically Caribbean LGBTQ Space

(S-13) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Less Common Applications of Business Anthropology (Business TIG)

CHAIR: ARTZ, Matt (Azimuth Labs)
PANELISTS: GARCIA, Steven (Team One), RAMER, Angela (HKS), PAHL, Shane (ABCO), AQUINO, Valorie (March for Science)

(S-14) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Cultural Citizenship, Identity, and Equity (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: SWYERS, Holly (Lake Forest Coll)
GUARNACCIA, Peter (Rutgers U) The Balancing Act of Speaking Multiple Languages among Immigrant Students at a Public University
ROOT, Rachael (UCF) Institutional Invisibility: Exploring the Intersections of Higher Education Attrition and Indigenous Identity
SINGTO, Sayamon (UGA) Acculturation and Academic Success among First and Second Generation Immigrant Students in Higher Education
SWYERS, Holly (Lake Forest Coll) Emerging Adulthood and the Privilege of Citizenship 

(S-15) SATURDAY 8:00-9:50
Risky Childhoods: Conceptualizing Risk Taking as a Part of Childhood and Human Development

CHAIR: BARNES, Kathrine (Marshfield Clinic Rsch Inst)
PANELISTS: BENDIXSEN, Casper (Marshfield Clinic Rsch Inst), ZAVALETA LEMUS, Eugenia (Vanderbilt U), ARMSTRONG, Jan (UNM), SALDANA, Elizabeth (Princeton U)

(S-20) SATURDAY 8:30-10:00
Presidential Suite
Negotiating Citizenship and Diversity over the Life Course: Research and Careers Informed by Anthropological Approaches (SDS)

ORGANIZERS: VESPERI, Maria (New Coll FL) and SOKOLOVSKY, Jay (USF St. Petersburg)
KASNITZ, Devva (SDS), WARREN, Narelle (Monash U), WOIAK, Joanne (U Washington), SOKOLOVSKY, Jay (USF St. Petersburg), VESPERI, Maria (New Coll FL)

(S-31) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado A
Designing and Assessing Health Interventions (SMA)

STREULI, Samantha (UCSD) “The mother’s instincts should be listened to”: How a Somali Refugee Population Navigates a Technology-based Vaccine-promotion Intervention
SZUREK, Sarah (UFL Hlth Cancer Ctr), GUTTER, Michael S. and NAVARRO, Giselle (UF/IFAS), BLAKE, Jodian (UFL Hlth Cancer Ctr), LYNCH, WendyDUNCAN, LuAnnELLIS, Sarah, and ZAMOJSKI, Kendra (UF/IFAS) Translating Research into Practice through Partnerships: Designing an Educational Intervention for Cancer Patients in Florida
WINKLER, Linda, PLUMHOFF, Madeline, and HUMMER, Madi (Wilkes U) Reducing Infant Mortality in Tanzania
KUNSTADTER, Peter (PHPT) Why Do Some People Get Infected With HIV While Others Do Not?: Results from a Survey of 1164 Women and 901 Men from Five Ethnic Groups in Northwestern Thailand
FREIDUS, Andrea (Turner) (UNCC), TURNER, Immanuel (Memorial Healthcare System, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hosp), and ROTH, Todd (Memorial Healthcare System, Total Heart Ctr) Examining Health Disparities among Minority Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patients at One Total Heart Center

(S-32) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado B
Refugee Health Disparities and Preventive Interventions (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: RAINEY, Eugenia (Tulane U)
MONTAÑOLA, Silvana and KLINE, Nolan (Rollins Coll), ECONOMOS, Jeanie (Farmworkers Assoc FL) Trump-Era Immigration Politics and Preventive Health: HPV Vaccination Ambivalence among Latinx Immigrants in Florida
MORENO HURTADO, Argenis (OR State U) Mujeres con Voces: Motherhood, Identity, Policy, and the Everyday
RAMWONG, Patsarin (OR State U) Changing Mother-Daughter Relationships in Isan: Rural Culture in the Context of Women’s Migration
ROSALES, M. Renzo (Creighton U) and MARCOS, Luis (Comunidad Maya Pixam Ixim) Migration and Indigenous Peoples’ Sovereignty: Implications of the Relationship between the Omaha Nation and Maya from Guatemala in Nebraska
SYED, Haseeb (Ryerson U) The Interplay of Hegemonic Masculinity and Health Literacy over the Cardiovascular Self-Care of Pakistani Immigrant Men: An Ethnographic Case Study
MONTAGUE, Angela (USU) Challenges and Successes of Community Based Participatory Research Addressing Refugee Health Disparities in Northern Utah 

(S-33) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado C
Multicultural Shared Space: Integration under Hyperdiversity (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: STAM, Kathryn (SUNY Polytechnic) 
VICENTE PEREZ, Michael (U Memphis) Minoritizing Palestinians: On Refugees, Statelessness, and Prolonged Exclusion in the National Order of Things
SANCHEZ MOLINA, Raúl (UNED) Family Re-production beyond National Borders in Spain: Processes of Family Transnationalization in Contexts of Globalization
STAM, Kathryn (SUNY Polytechnic) The New York Heritage Digital Photo Collection of Resettled Refugees in Utica, NY

(S-35) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado E
Teaching Race and Ethnicity (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: CARATTINI, Amy and SPREHN, Maria (Montgomery Coll)
SPREHN, Maria and CARATTINI, Amy (Montgomery Coll) Using Anthropological Methods to Impact College Student Understandings of Race & Ethnicity
PECK-BARTLE, Shannon (USF) Shifting Perspectives: Materiality and the Deconstruction of Race and Ethnicity in World History Curriculum
NELSON, Katie (Inver Hills CC) Writing Books With Students: The Inclusive Praxis of Open Access Publishing of Student Authored Ethnographic Narrative
ARMSTRONG, Lisa (USF) Another Side of American History: Teaching Race in a Public Museum
ARTZ, Matt (Azimuth Labs) Consumer Genetics and Our Evolving Understanding of Race & Ethnicity

(S-36) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado F
New Research on Water, Energy, and Power (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

LANZAS, Gisela (CSUN) Water and Power: The Case of the Panama Canal
PENTTILA, Atte (USF) Land-Use Change at the Food-Energy-Water Nexus: Political Ecology of the Bladen River Watershed, Belize
GROSSE, Corrie and MARK, Brigid (CSBSJU) Climate Justice and Injustice in Minnesota: The Line 3 Pipeline and Native Solar
HALLERAN, Patricia (OR State U) “If This Pipeline Tries to Come Here, They Better Be Ready for Another Standing Rock”: Indigenous and Rural Community Resistance to the Proposed Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and Jordan Cove Export Terminal in Oregon
BRAUSE, Holly (UNM) Beyond Two Straws, One Glass: The Politics of Sharing Groundwater across the US/Mexico Border

(S-38) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado H
Representing Diversity and Minority Voices throughout Our National Parks: Some Examples from the NPS Cultural Anthropology Program, Part II (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG) 

CHAIR: CALAMIA, MarkBERGMAN, Stephanie, CRAVER, Amy, and CHANCE, Cindy (NPS)

(S-41) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Inequality in Risk, Toxicity, and Health (Risk & Disaster TIG)

GORDON, Andrew J. (U Houston), AGRAMONTE MACHADO, Adriana and MARÍN JULIÁ, Silvia María (Inst Nacional de Endocrinología, Cuba), OCHOA, Cesar (Western U Hlth Ctr) Intergenerational Transmission of Diabetes Type 2 to Children
SCHMIDT, Michelle (ENMU) Diabetes Risk and the Embodiment of Development in Postcolonial Belize
LEE, AmandaINGRAM, MaiaQUIJADA, CarolinaYUBETA, AndresCORTEZ, ImeldaLOTHROP, Nate, and BEAMER, Paloma (U Arizona) Who Is Responsible for Chemical Exposure?: Perspectives from Beauty and Auto Shops in South Tucson
MCILVAINE-NEWSAD, Heather and DELANY-BARMANN, Gloria (WIU) PTSD, Hurricane Maria, and Therapeutic Yoga in Puerto Rico
ASSAVARAK, Passanan (King Mongkut’s U of Tech Thonburi) Coping with Modern Risk: Case Study of Lua Ethnic Group, Thailand 

(S-42) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Disability and Other Intersectionality in Education (SDS)

CHAIR: STOLZ, Suzanne (U San Diego)
STOLZ, Suzanne (U San Diego) “You don’t have a strong teacher presence”: Rationalizing Disability Discrimination in K-12 Education
DREXLER, Olivia “Livy” (MI State U) Why Are There So Many Native American Students in Special Education Classrooms?
WILGUS, Anne Gay (City Coll CUNY) Disability, Immigration and the Delivery of Educational Resources: Family Experiences in New York City and Paris
DISCUSSANT: STOLZ, Suzanne (U San Diego)

(S-43) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Marginalized Populations and Social Inclusion

ILAHIANE, Hsain (MS State U) Toiling in the State of Al-hogra: Moroccan Men in Search of Respect and Dignity in the Informal Sector
HINRICHSEN, Megan (Monmouth Coll) Señores Pasajeros: Creating and Contesting Citizenship through Storytelling on Ecuadorian Buses
MCWHORTER, Jaclyn (UFL) A Philosophy of Life: Capoeira and Social Inclusion in the Periphery of São Paulo, Brazil
SALVI, Cecilia (CUNY Grad Ctr) Letras de Esperanza: Micro-Publishing Writings by People Currently Or Formerly Incarcerated
XUE, Yan (CO State U) An Analysis of Chinese Transgender People’s Engagement in the Transnational Online Community on WeChat: Stress and Strength
CAMPBELL-MONTALVO, Rebecca and SMITH, Chrystal (UConn), HUGHES-MILLER, Michelle (USF), PUCCIA, Ellen (Beta Rsch Assoc), MAYBERRY, Maralee (USF), WAO, Hesborn (UConn) LGBTQPIA+ Undergraduates’ Use of Social Networks and Identity Management to Navigate STEM Culture

(S-45) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
The Role of Art Criticism in Higher Education (Higher Ed TIG)

DESMOND, Kathleen (ASU) Arts Criticism in Higher Education
PAINE, Herbert (Paine Consulting Serv & BroadwayWorld) Can Professional Theatre Critics Provide Educational Value?
SCHWAIN, Kristin (U Missouri) Can Historians Be Critics?
LOZA, Steven (UCLA) The Cultural Crisis in Higher Education
DISCUSSANT: PAINE, Herbert (Paine Consulting Serv & BroadwayWorld)

(S-49) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Chaco Hotel - Gathering II
Ethnographic Field and Data Analysis Methods: One-on-one Mentoring (SAS)

CHAIRS: HUME, Douglas (NKU), CARSON, Sarah (U Penn)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: DENGAH, Francois (USU), DRESSLER, William (U Alabama), WELLER, Susan (U Texas), LEAF, Murray (UT-Dallas), CHRISOMALIS, Stephen (Wayne State U), LYON, Stephen (Aga Khan U), OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama), LOWE, John (Cultural Analysis), GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U)

(S-61) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado A
Working in/at Health (SMA)

CHAIR: MAES, Kenny (OR State U)
MAES, Kenny (OR State U), CLOSSER, Svea (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg SPH), TESFAYE, Yihenew (OR State U), and ABESHA, Rosa (Independent) Ethiopia’s Women’s Development Army and the Exploitation of Women’s “Volunteer” Labor in Global Health
LOGAN, Ryan (CSUStan) Community Health Workers, Medical Interpreters, and Scope of Care: Professional [and Cultural] Citizenship of CHWs in the Workforce
MARTÍNEZ-HUME, Anna Christina (MI State U) “If Not Me Then Who?”: Legacy, Indigeneity and NGO Worker Subjectivity in Maya Guatemala

(S-63) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado C
Turning Difference into Minorities Governmental Barriers to Immigrant Belonging (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: VICENTE PEREZ, Michael (U Memphis)
RADOVIC FANTA, Jelena (Governors State U) “We’re Not Racist, We’re Ignorant!”: Migration, Racial Politics, and Belonging in Chile
RAINEY, Eugenia (Tulane U) From Competency to Humility: How the Mariel Boatlift Impacted Medicine in South Florida
RODDEN, Emily (W Chester U) Humanitarian Aid on the US/Mexico Border
SPREHN, Maria (Montgomery Coll) Present Insights from Analysis of the Past: Immigration and Integration in a Hyperdiverse County
WESTERMAN, William (NJCU) Exclude and Punish: Fieldwork at the Beginning of Immigration Detention in the U.S.

(S-71) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Uneven Entanglements of Power and Risk in Disaster (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: HANSON, Thomas (U Colorado)
EARLE, Duncan (Marymount California U) Communities on Fire, Constructions of Risk
GONZALEZ BAUTISTA, Noémie (U Laval) When Fieldwork Deconstructs the Ideal of Collaboration: A Case Study of Forest Fires in the Atikamekw Territory
HANSON, Thomas (U Colorado) Ashes beyond Amazonia: Wildfire, Erasure, and the Production of Disaster in Lowland Bolivia
SCHULLER, Mark (NIU) Toward a Caribbean Epistemology of Disasters
FOLMAR, Steve (WFU) When Identity Fails: Structuring Resource Access in Post-Earthquake Nepal

(S-72) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Radical Methodologies: Feminist Ethnography for Healing and Transformation

CHAIR: SILVER, Lauren (Rutgers U-Camden)
KUMARI, Rashmi (Rutgers U) Working with a Shifting Positionality in Ethnographic (Re)Searching, (Re)Visiting, and (Re)Writing
PERRY, Anna (Rutgers U) Reimagining Disability Futures in Ethnographic Methodology through Access and Vulnerability
SILVER, Lauren (Rutgers U-Camden) Queering Reproductive Justice and Ethnographic Longing

(S-73) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Marginalized Youth, Resilience, and Social Inclusion

MACTAVISH, Kate (OR State U) and LILE, Joy (WA State U) “I’ve been through a lot”: Perspectives on the Developmental Experiences of Low-income Rural Youth
THOMAS, Zareen (Wooster Coll) Rap, Recognition, and Respect: Indigenous Youth Hip-hop in Bolivia
WURTZ, Heather and LANE, Benjamin (Columbia U), KINNARD, Elizabeth N. (UC Berkley SPH), MAURO, Pia M. and PHILBIN, Morgan M. (Columbia U) Shifting Marijuana Policies and the Boundaries of Inclusion for Racial and Ethnic Minority Youth in New York City (NYC)

(S-74) SATURDAY 12:00-1:20
Capstone Session on Anthropology of Higher Education (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: FOSTER, Brian (U Missouri), HERCKIS, Lauren (Carnegie Mellon U)

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