Friday, March 20


(F-01) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado A
Topics in Anthropological Science II: Culture and Behavior (SAS)

SKOGGARD, Ian and EMBER, Carol R. (HRAF), FELZER, Ben (Lehigh U), PITEK, Emily (HRAF) Using Climate Data to Predict Cultural Beliefs and Behavior
NORDIN, Andreas (U Gothenburg) The Connection between Counterintuitive Religious Dream Content, Social Use and Religiosity: Report from a Case Study in a Hindu-Nepalese Context
CLOAK, Ted (Independent) Neural Images in Control of Behavior, Culture, and Cultural Evolution

(F-02) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado B
Voices from the Communities: Interactions and Collaborations among Indigenous People, Anthropologists, and Educators, Part I

CHAIRS: HITCHCOCK, Robert (UNM), BIESELE, Megan (Kalahari Peoples Fund)
BIESELE, Megan (Kalahari Peoples Fund) “Guerilla Orthography” to Internet Cafe in Thirty Years: Ju|’hoan Community-Initiated Language, Education, and Social Media Projects
PUCKETT, R. Fleming (Kalahari Peoples Fund) “Desert Anarchists”: The Peculiar Importance of Broader Collaboration for the Future of ǂKhomani San Autonomy
HECKLER, Melissa (Kalahari Peoples Fund) Democracy from the Ground Up
RITTER, Beth (UN-Omaha) From Restoration to Self-Determination, 1990-2020: The Remarkable Journey of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
MCCALL, Grant and GREAVES, Russell (Ctr for Human-Env Rsch) Creating a Diversion: Perceptions of the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion among Fishing Communities in Southeast Louisiana

(F-03) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado C
Disrupting Narratives of Risk and Rescue in Migration (Immigration TIG)

WHEATLEY, Abby (ASU) The Politics of Precarious Crossings in the Central Mediterranean
PAYNTER, Eleanor (OH State U) Contested Rescue: EU Border Externalization and the Risks of Mediterranean Crossing
VOGT, Wendy (IUPUI) Hunger Games: The Politics of Violence, Victimhood and Deservingness among Central American and Mexican (Im)migrants
SOTO, Gabriella (Trinity Coll) Picking Up the Pieces: Salvage Politics in Response to Border Security

(F-04) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado D
Client Based Praxis: Using Anthropological Methods and Theory to Address Organizational Needs

HAWVERMALE, Erica (UNT) Maintaining a Living Relationship: Facilitating Connection and Improving Morale in Military Families During the Deployment Cycle
CRONIN, Shannon (UNT) Evaluation of a Disaster Rebuilding Program in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
DAVIS, Kayla (UNT) Have You Ever Experienced Water Shortage? “No.”
GIAMARQO, Giamarqo (UNT) Developing a Program to Increase Health through Community-Centered Institutions
SEIKEL, Tristan (UNT) Psychedelia in the United States: An Ethnographic Study of Underground Psychedelic Use
STUTTS, Sarah (UNT) Participatory Design of Socially Assistive Robots for Children on the Autism Spectrum

(F-05) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado E
The Lone Anthropologist Syndrome: Reclaiming Applied Anthropology in the Workplace and University

CHAIRS: JONES, Rose (Perot Museum of Nature & Sci), CARRINGTON, Jara (UNT)
CARRINGTON, Jara M. (UNT) Reconsidering Anthropological Collaborations
MONTGOMERY, Andrew (Perot Museum of Nature & Sci) Anthropologist in the Middle: Using Staff Misconceptions to Create a Role
JONES, Rose (Perot Museum of Nature & Sci) Ghosting and the Museum Evaluator: The Disappearance of a Discipline
GOEBEL, James (UNT) Moving Past the Lone Anthropologist: Reconnecting Applied Anthropology to Academia through Educational Endeavors

(F-06) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado F
Environment, Citizenship, and Survival in Latin America (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

SAUNDERS, Michael (Tulane U) Patrimonio del Pueblo: A Maya Perspective on Ecological Management
NIELSEN, Kate (BYU) The Rainforest as a Means for Cultural Survival in Amazonian Ecuador
PHILLIPS, James (SOU) Indigenous Environmental Activism in Honduras in Defense of National and Global Citizenship
EKLUND, Elizabeth (U Arizona) Return of the Mines

(F-07) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado G
Extending Citizenship and Engaging Diverse Disciplines and Perspectives to Enhance Resilience in Marine Social-Ecological Systems, Part I (Fisheries TIG)

CHAIR: JOHNSON, Teresa (U Maine)
GORDON, Jesse and BEAUDREAU, Anne (UAF), WILLIAMS, Ben (ADFG), CAROTHERS, Courtney (UAF), MEYER, Scott (ADFG) Bridging Knowledge Systems in a Growing Fishery: Including Fishers’ Knowledge in Nearshore Rockfish Management in the Gulf of Alaska
GREEN, Kristen (Stanford U) and BEAUDREAU, Anne (UAF) Shared Values in Subsistence Harvesting: Applying the Community Voice Method in the Northwest Arctic
KOPELENT-REHAK, Jana (UMCP) Family Frames: Storying Socioecology and Pictorial Heritage on Smith Island

(F-08) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Alvarado H
Care, Bodies, and Practices

CHAIRS: REID, Jessica (UTSA), BUNKLEY, Emma (U Arizona)
REID, Jessica (UTSA) “We have patients to care for, but we also have to care for each other”: Care in Practice in an Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Setting
BUNKLEY, Emma (U Arizona) Interembodiment as Care
ROBERTSON, William (U Arizona) Caring About/Caring For: Theories of Care from a Clinical Trial
PAREDES, Daisy (UTSA) Institutional, Collective, and Individual Care: Levels of Mental Health Care on an American Campus
ENGELE, Meghan (UTSA) Care Practices: Climate Change and Children
BOUTELLE, Howard (UTSA) Addiction, Morality, and Care: The Choreography of Recovery Care Work in the Opioid Crisis

(F-09) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Terraforming Research Spaces: Building University-Grounded Gender-Based Violence Initiatives (GBV TIG) 

CHAIRS: PETILLO, April (KSU), MORA, Amalia (U Arizona)
Open Discussion

(F-11) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Politics and Nature: Issues on Risk and Disaster in the Global South, Part I (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: SOARES, Pedro P.M.A. (UFPA, Brazil), BARRIOS, Roberto E. (SIUC)
SOARES, Pedro P.M.A. and HAZEU, Marcel Theodoor (UFPA, Brazil) Planning Disasters: Urban Planning and Local Epistemologies in Belém (PA, Brazil)
BARRIOS, Roberto (SIUC) When the Post-Colony’s Stars Misalign: Examining the Moral, Political, and Ontological Geography the “Global South” in Disaster Studies
KRAIESKI DE ASSUNCAO, Viviane (UNESC) Post-flood of 1974 in Tubarão River Valley (SC, Brazil): A Study on Risks, Technologies and Development Projects
NELSON, Donald and SEIGERMAN, Cydney (UGA), FINAN, Timothy (U Arizona) The Making of a Drought: Politics, Infrastructure and Going Without
KROLL-SMITH, Steve (UNCG), BAXTER, Vern and JENKINS, Pamela (U New Orleans Emeritus) The Self in the Age of Catastrophe: Thinking beyond Recovery

(F-12) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Intersectional Approaches to Disability: Convergences and Breaches, Part I (SMA)

CHAIRS: SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios (Cardiff U), WARREN, Narelle (Monash U)
WARREN, Narelle (Monash U) Affordances of Aging and Neurological Disability in Malaysia
FERNANDES, Kim (U Penn) At the Margins, between the Intersections: Disability and Enumeration under the Indian Census
CHAWRUN, Isabella Rose (York U) “The Moral Body”: A Discussion of Ableism, Heterosexism and Nationalism
EGBATAN, Mine (U Arizona) Feminist Movements, Disability and Transversal Politics in Turkey

(F-13) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Strong Legacies, Murky Titles: Anthropological and Legal Approaches to Understanding Heirs’ Property, Forestry, and Agriculture in the U.S. South (PESO)

MITCHELL, Thomas W. (TAMU Law Sch), SCHELHAS, John (USFS), HITCHNER, Sarah (UGA), and JOHNSON-GAITHER, Cassandra (USFS) Property Valuation beyond Numbers: The Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act and African American Landownership in the South
LONG, Rosie and ZABAWA, Robert (Tuskegee U) The Economic Impact of Heir Property on Forestland in Macon County, Alabama
HITCHNER, Sarah (UGA), SCHELHAS, John (USFS), DWIVEDI, Puneet and GOYKE, Noah (UGA) Memories and Opportunities in Black Cultural Landscapes: Social and Legal Implications of Heirs’ Property among African American Landowners in the Southeastern United States
SCHELHAS, John (USFS), HITCHNER, Sarah and DWIVEDI, Puneet (UGA) African American Landownership and Forestry in Georgia: Challenges and Opportunities

(F-14) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Constituents, Sectors: How the Differences Play Out for Better Or Worse, Part I (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: FOSTER, Brian (U Missouri)
FOSTER, Brian (U Missouri) Building Positive Outcomes from Conflicting Demands on Higher Education
O’BRIEN, Mike (TAMUSA) Competing Interests and the Growth of Universities
ESSNER, Steffanee (U Missouri) Bridging Mission and Passion for Donors’ Contributions to Higher Education
TO DUTKA, Julia and SHAFFER, Franklin (CGFNS Int’l Inc) General Education and the Healthcare Workforce: Nursing as a Case Study

(F-15) FRIDAY 8:00-9:50
Cultural Citizenship and Academic Identity in the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) (Higher Ed TIG)


FRIDAY 8:30-12:00
North Atrium
Training Program & Recruitment Exhibit

This exhibit is a great chance to inform students and colleagues about graduate programs, internship opportunities, field schools, and organizations that work with applied social scientists. 

(F-18) FRIDAY 9:00-11:50
Chaco Hotel – Gathering I
Becoming a Practicing Anthropologist: A Workshop for Students Seeking Non-Academic Careers
 (Workshop, Fee $25)

ORGANIZER: NOLAN, Riall (Purdue U & Cambridge U) 

FRIDAY 9:00-5:00
East Atrium
Book Exhibit

(F-31) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado A
Examining Resilience in Disasters: Resistance, Adaptation, Transformation (SAS)

MURPHY, Arthur (UNCG), LUQUE, Diana A. (CIAD-Hermosillo), and JONES, Eric C. (SPH UTH) Evolution of Trust, Exchange and Support in Post-Disaster Information Networks
PEREGRINE, Peter Neal (Lawrence U) Social Capital and Social Resilience: Different Approaches for Different Disasters
OTHS, Kathryn (U Alabama) Health and Medical Resilience in the Face of Climate Change in the Northern Peruvian Andes
MCCABE, J. Terrence (U Colorado) Under What Conditions Do Extreme Events Become Transformative?: An Examination of the 2008/09 Drought in Northern Tanzania

(F-32) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado B
Voices from the Communities: Interactions and Collaborations among Indigenous People, Anthropologists, and Educators, Part II

CHAIRS: HITCHCOCK, Robert (UNM), BIESELE, Megan (Kalahari Peoples Fund)
KLATASKE, Ryan (KSU) Wildlife Management and Collaborative Conservation on Private Ranchland in Namibia: Implications for Indigenous People, Rural Communities, and Anthropologists
HILLYER, Michael (UNM) Maya Language Learning Today
HALLIN, Mary (UN-Omaha) Epidemic Interventions: Collaborating with the Community
STEGEBORN, Wiveca (U Tromsoe) Ethnocide: Sri Lanka’s Rainforest People
SCHMADER, Matt (UNM) Ancestral Villages and Sacred Spaces: A Case Study from Central New Mexico

(F-33) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado C
Documenting the Role of the Environment and Government on Migration (Immigration TIG) 

CHAIR: WEHRER, Margaret (SUNY Polytechnic)
ARREDONDO, Brandylyn (USF) Bureaucratic Misrepresentation of Age and Its Educational Consequences for Young Refugees in America
GALLARDO, Alejandra (CSBSJU) Re-centering the Forced Climate Migrant Narrative
TILL, Charlotte (ASU) Environmental Perceptions and Migration Decisions in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana: Insights from an At-Risk Area

(F-34) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado D
Toxic Citizenship (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG) 

CHAIRS: MCDONALD, James (U Montevallo), SULLIVAN, Kathleen (CSULA)
CHECKER, Melissa (CUNY) After Relocation: The Afterlife of an Environmental Justice Movement
MCKENNA, Brian (U Michigan) Flint’s Fascism: Toxic Water, Racism and Citizen Action
MCDONALD, James (U Montevallo) Environmental Apartheid and Precarious Citizenship in Alabama

(F-35) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado E
Changing Climates and Cultures: The Role of Resistance and Community (C&A)

CHAIR: TOVAR, Antonio (Farmworker Assoc FL)
OLADOKUN-DYBOWSKI, Daniel (Isa’s Garden LLC) Bringing a Community Together: Agents of Change Creating Culture in a Gardening Community
VAN EENDENBURG, Hannah (U Colorado) Seed Sovereignty: An Insight into Corporate Agriculture and Local Resistance
CHAUDHARY THARU, Buddhi RamACCIAIOLI, Gregory, and ERSKINE, William (U W Australia) Adaptation to Climate Change: Adaptive Capacity, Strategies and Barriers of the Tharu Farmers in the Western Tarai of Nepal
MORERA, Maria (UFL), TOVAR, Antonio (Farmworker Assoc FL), MONAGHAN, Paul F. (UFL), and ROKA, Fritz M. (FGCU) Resisting Heat-Related Illness in a Changing Florida Climate
TOVAR, Antonio (Farmworker Assoc FL) and PEON, Alicia (UPRA) Agricultural Practices and Climate Change in Puerto Rico: Lessons from Maria
CHARNLEY, Susan (USFS) Ranchers, Beavers, and Climate Change Adaptation on Rangelands in the Western U.S.

(F-36) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado F
Recovering a History of Community Collaboration: Honoring the Legacy of MariLyn Salvador

PANELISTS: MCCHESNEY, Lea (UNM), CHAVEZ-LAMAR, Cynthia (Nat’l Museum of the American Indain), SALVADOR, Melina (UCSF/UC-Berkeley)

(F-37) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado G
Extending Citizenship and Engaging Diverse Disciplines and Perspectives to Enhance Resilience in Marine Social-Ecological Systems, Part II (Fisheries TIG)

CHAIR: JOHNSON, Teresa (U Maine)
 OLESON, Kirsten and VAUGHAN, Mehana (UH Mānoa) Accounting for Layered Problem Definitions in Shark and Fisheries Management
CRAMER, Lori and CONWAY, Flaxen (OR State U) Graying of the Fleet in Oregon: Local Voices and the Story of Resilience
JOHNSON, Teresa and HANES, Samuel (U Maine) Conflicts, Communities, and Complexity: A Mixed Method Study of Marine Aquaculture in Maine

(F-38) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Alvarado H
Disease and Its Discontents: Medical Anthropology on the Front Lines

CHAIR: ROZENDavid (Independent)
ROZENDavid (Independent) The New York Outbreak of Measles in Hasidic Communities: Issues of Social Epidemiology, Biomedical Autonomy, and Ethnic Interaction
SCHAFFT, Gretchen E. (American U) Self Help in Health Care among the Amish in a Central Pennsylvania Community
JONES, Jasmine (Bill & Melinda Gates Fdn) The Intersection of Tradition, Community and Health Systems Strengthening: Select Case Studies from Nigeria
POST, Kristin (Marine Corps U) Seeking Safety: How Rumors and Violence Reveal Truths about Contagion
DISCUSSANT: POST, Kristin (Marine Corps U)

(F-39) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Legal Institutions: Shaping and Adjudicating the Violated Body (GBV TIG)

CHAIR: MULLA, Sameena (Marquette U)
MULLA, Sameena and HLAVKA, Heather (Marquette U) The Heteronormativity of Sexual Assault Prosecution
KELLY, Patty (Haverford Coll) I Know Why She Stays: Gender Violence and Institutional Sexism in the U.S. Family Court System
WURTZ, Heather (Columbia U) The Hidden Injuries of a Politics of Protection: Refugee Management and Gender-based Violence in the Southern Mexico Borderlands

(F-40) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Meet the Editors of Human Organization
Practicing Anthropology, and SfAA News

Human Organiation Editors: ROMERO-DAZA and HIMMELGREEN, David (USF)
Human Organiation Editorial Assistant: GRAY, Deven (USF)
Practicing Anthropology Editor: HARDY, Lisa Jane (NAU)
Practicing Anthropology Editorial Assistant: MCCORMICK, Bonnie (NAU)
SfAA News Editors: SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamotta U) and TAMIR, Orit (NMHU)

Editors will convene an informal discussion about the practices and policies of SfAA publications. What types of manuscripts are appropriate? Are there particulars that authors should know?  This is an excellent opportunity to join in an informal conversation with the Editors.

(F-41) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Politics and Nature: Issues on Risk and Disaster in the Global South, Part II (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: SOARES, Pedro P.M.A. (UFPA, Brazil), BARRIOS, Roberto E. (SIUC)
FAAS, A.J. (SJSU) Search and Activation: The Aggregation of State Effects and Encounters in the Mt. Tungurahua Disasters
LASKA, Shirley (Lowlander Ctr) and COMPANION, Michele (UCCS) The Social Justice Issues of Climate Change Conditions That ‘Never Happened Before’
MCGREEVY, John (UGA) Second Impact Syndrome: Changing Livelihood Strategies and Landscapes With Increased Disaster Frequency in Rural Haiti
ROQUE, Anais Delilah (ASU) Water Sharing in Puerto Rico: Coping with Water Insecurity in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

(F-42) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Intersectional Approaches to Disability; Convergences and Breaches, Part II (SMA)

CHAIRS: WARREN, Narelle (Monash U), SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios (Cardiff U)
BLOCK, Pamela (Western U) Aging Out of Children’s Hospitals: 20th and 21st Century Experiences
MICHINOBURyokoHORI, TsukasaYAMAMOTO, MasakiIGARASHI, KeitaIESATO, Kotoe, and TAKEBAYASHI, Akira (Sapporo Med U), TSUTSUMI, Hiroyuki (Saiseikai Nishi Otaru Hosp), KAWASAKI, Yukihiko (Sapporo Med U) Camaraderie in Liminality: Intersectional Approach to Promoting Shared Decision-Making in Children’s Oncology
SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios (Cardiff U) Dis/Ablism in Healthcare: The Construction and Effects of Disability-Based Discrimination

(F-43) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Political Ecology, Political Economy, and Applied Anthropology: Honoring James Greenberg (PESO)

PANELISTS: GREENBERG, James (U Arizona), HEYMAN, Josiah (UTEP), VELEZ-IBANEZ, Carlos (ASU), WALI, Alaka (Field Museum), WALSH, Casey (UCSB)

(F-44) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Constituents, Sectors: How the Differences Play Out for Better Or Worse, Part II (Higher Ed TIG)

BRACEY, Dorothy (Sch for Advanced Rsch) The Ideal College Is Mark Hopkins at One End of a Log and a Student at the Other
DAVIS-SALAZAR, Karla, CASPER, Breanne, PAJUNEN, Matthew, and REYES, Lucio (USF) Conflict, Cooperation, and Consolidation: A Case Study in the Politics and Practice of Shared Governance
GOERING, Wynn (EFL Assoc) Into the Maze: Cultural Constructs of University Leadership
GORUP, Meta (Ghent U) Managing Academic Research Performance: A Heads of Departments Perspective
WOLFORTH, Lynne Mackin (Hawaiʻi CC) Puʻuhuluhulu University: Defending Cultural Interests on Mauna Kea 

(F-45) FRIDAY 10:00-11:50
Experiential Learning: Models and Applications (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: BENNETT, Elaine (Saint Vincent Coll)
GORVETZIAN, Andrew (Seattle U) and HOWKING, Marlon (U Centroamericana Nitlapan) Transnational University Partnerships to Support Marginalized Student Populations in Nicaragua: Challenges and Benefits
BAINES, Kristina and TAYLOR, Lakiera (CUNY Guttman), SALAZAR, Iris (CSULB) From Theory to Practice: Embodied Ecological Heritage and Undergraduate Research in Garifuna Communities in New York City and Los Angeles
COPPERSMITH, Eryn (SIUE) Deconstructing Stereotypes: Assessing the Impact of Community Engagement in a Small Town
BENNETT, Elaine (Saint Vincent Coll) Teaching Applied Anthropology through On-Campus Experiential and Service Learning: Lessons and Outcomes from Anthropological Research On, By, and With College Populations
CERON, Alejandro (U Denver) An Interdisciplinary Ethnography Lab as a Catalyst for Student, Faculty, and Community Collaborations

FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Past Presidents Meeting 

FRIDAY 12:00-4:00
NAPA Governing Council Meeting
Seasons Rotisserie and Grill
2031 Mountain Road Northwest 

(F-61) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado A
Impacting the Quality of Citizenship through Education: Anthropological Responses to Student Diversity

BACH, Amy (UTEP) Education in Citizenship through High-Stakes Literacy Assessments
THAKUR, Gail S. (NCRC) Anthropology in the Early Childhood Classroom
MCCUNE, Meghan (SUNY JCC) School Districts as a Tool for Decolonization: A Case Study of Salamanca City Central School District
GADSDEN, Gloria (NMHU) ‘There’s Some Watermelons on There’: A Reflection on the Summit Sponsored by the New Mexico Office of African American Affairs and New Mexico Public Education Department
TELENKO, Shannon (Penn State U) Reflections on Segregation: Individual and Societal Needs for Equity in Education

(F-62) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado B
Changing Environment and Human Adaptation

BOGUMIL, Elizabeth (UCR) and CAPOUS-DESYLLAS, Moshula (CSUN) The Roles of Restorative Environments in Marginalized Communities
JACOB, Cara and RADONIC, Lucero (MSU) Broken Pipes and Broken Trust: Infrastructural Failure and Contested Expertise in Flint, MI
SHIMAZAKI, Yuko (Waseda U) The Quality of Life for the Children in Border Areas between Thai and Cambodia 

(F-63) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado C
Children’s Participation as a Vehicle to Redefine Cultural Citizenship

CHAIR: STIGLICH, Janice (Rutgers U-Camden)
STIGLICH, Janice (Rutgers U-Camden) Peruvian Social Movement Girls Making Space
KANNAN, Smruthi Bala (Rutgers U-Camden) Negotiating Participation in School: Children’s Affective Discourses around Smartphone Based Games in Tamilnadu, India
GARCIA GOMEZ, Diana Carolina (Rutgers U) Mediating Hope: Performing Cultural Citizenship in a Collective Memory Museum in Medellín, Colombia

(F-64) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado D
Intersections between Indigenous Activism and Museums

CHAIRS: WALI, Alaka (Field Museum), TOPASH-CALDWELL, Blaire (Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: WALI, Alaka (Field Museum), TOPASH-CALDWELL, Blaire (Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians), CHAVARRIA, Antonio (Museum of Indian Art & Culture), POZZA, Jackie (Field Museum), ROMANEK, Devorah (Maxwell Museum of Anth)

(F-66) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado F
Occasional Victories: Are There Successful Interventions over Energy and Resources? (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

PANELISTS: BLAIR, James (Cal Poly Pomona), ERVIN, Alexander (U Saskatchewan), PERRY, Simona (Pipeline Safety Coalition), WINTHROP, Robert (UMD), MALDONADO, Julie (LiKEN)

(F-67) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado G
Health Citizenship, Health Access in Global Contexts (SMA)

EDBERG, Mark (GWU Milken Inst SPH) Cultural Fragmentation, Cultural Citizenship, and Access to Health and Related Social Services in Postcolonial Belize
MONTEMAYOR, Isabel (UTA) Disadvantages of Seguro Popular
HALL-CLIFFORD, Rachel (Emory U), ROCHE, Stephanie, ARZÚ, Alejandro, HVIDT, Ashley, KLUCZYNSKI, JonathanKORTE, Michelle, and ZELKO, Jacob (NAPA-OT Field Sch) Short-term Surgical Missions for Health Systems Strengthening: Experiences and Perspectives of Guatemalan Providers
TZENG, Yi-En (UMD) Navigating Oral Health Care Access: Dental Underinsurance at a Mobile Dental Clinic in Maryland

(F-68) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Alvarado H
Pretty Words: Critical Perspectives on Community-Engaged Research


(F-69) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Politically-Engaged (Public) Medical Anthropology: From Theory to Praxis 

CHAIRS: SHARP, Lesley (Barnard Coll, Columbia U), GREEN, Linda B. (U Arizona), CHEN, Nancy N. (UCSC)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: SHARP, Lesley (Barnard Coll, Columbia U), CHEN, Nancy N. (UCSC), GREEN, Linda B. (U Arizona), WURTZ, Heather (Columbia U), STUEWE, Allison (U Arizona), CONTERAS, S. Chava (UCSC)

(F-70) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Dance Performance (Immigration TIG)

MARCONI, Veronica (OR State U) Embodying Ethnographic Messages: Expressing Research through Dance
Artistic expressions that differ from writing may help maintain the vitality of the messages we wish to share. They infuse our work with renewed enthusiasm, and add visual and energetic components that can communicate with our audiences in less conventional manners. This dance performance embodies some of the messages of my research on transnational migrants and the anti-trafficking apparatus in Italy. It aims to embody the energy behind the unseen gifts and socio-cultural enrichment that migrants bring to other countries, as well as the exploitation and suffering many experience.

(F-71) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Complexities of Citizenship, States, and Risks (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: HIRSCHFELD, Tassie Katherine (U Oklahoma)
HIRSCHFELD, Tassie Katherine (U Oklahoma) and HAMILTON, Sarah (U Denver) Citizenship, Complexity and Gender in the Aftermath of Collapse: Anthropological Insights on Venezuela
MORRISON, Lynn, LEMIEUX, Evangeline, and TURNER, Joshua (UH-Hilo) Kilauea Eruption Stress and Recovery: Cultural Citizenship in Times of Natural Disasters
DIGGS-THOMPSON, Marilynne (U Penn) The Impact of Second-Class Citizenship on the Economic Recovery of the Non-Sovereign Post-Hurricane Caribbean Region: A Case for National Racial and Ethnic PTSD

(F-72) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Sensory Embodiment and Disability (SDS)

CHAIR: RUTHERFORD, Danilyn (Wenner-Gren Fdn)
RUTHERFORD, Danilyn (Wenner-Gren Fdn) Proprioceptive Sociality: Sharing Senses in Two Disability Worlds
DEHAAS, Jocelyn (UNM) Can I Pet Your Dog?: Interactions between Visually-Impaired Handlers, Their Dog Guides, and the Public
ROHN, Edward (Oakland U) Things I Learned in the Kitchen (That I Couldn’t in the Clinic): Body Habitus and Chronic Pain After Spinal Cord Injury
WROBLEWSKA, Anna (Jagiellonian U) Using the Method Memory-work in Intercultural Disability Research: A Blind, Polish Researcher in the United States

(F-74) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Building a Culture of Philanthropy (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: SULLIVAN, Laura and ROGHAIR, Elizabeth (SARSF), BAKER, Nancy (NDI New Mexico)
Open Discussion

(F-75) FRIDAY 12:00-1:20
Intimate Epistemologies: Making and Remaking Knowledge in Graduate School (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: BOCHNIAK, Victoria (UMass)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: SHEAR, Boone and WEYHER, Anna (UMass), DELISLE, Takami (UKY), FERNANDES, Kim (U Penn), DANIS, Annie (UC-Berkeley)

(F-78) FRIDAY 12:00-5:00
Chaco Hotel – Gathering I
Cultural Consensus Analysis (SAS Workshop, Fee $45)

ORGANIZERS: GATEWOOD, John B. (Lehigh U), LOWE, John W. (Cultural Analysis)

(F-91) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado A
Sugar Cane Farming Community Development: Findings of the 2019 Ethnographic Field School in Belize (SAS)

CHAIR: HUME, Douglas (NKU)

(F-93) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado C
Turbulent Nationalism(s) and Alienation: Patterns and Considerations

CHAIR: YAMADA, Toru (Meiji U)
YAMADA, Toru (Meiji U) Negotiating Japanese Nationalism After Achieving World Heritage Inscription
WANG, Yuzhou (UCLA) Daily Patriotism: Chinese Hongge’s Aesthetics as a Mainstream Genre
AKIHO, Sayaka (Meiji U) Growing Khmer Products: Food Identities and Safety in Times of Globalization
YAMADA, Naomi (U Tsukuba) Alienated from the Tautology: Media Literacy in the Wake of the Mueller Report

(F-94) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado D
Fly Over Anthropology

CHAIR: ORTIZ, Cristina (UMN-Morris)

(F-95) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado E
We Never Forgot: Internally Relocated People Re/connect with Homelands, Part I

CHAIR: STOFFLE, Richard W. (U Arizona)
STOFFLE, Richard W. (U Arizona) Introduction: Cultural Damage and Return Challenges of Internal Relocation
CARROLL, Clint (UC Boulder) Cherokee Relationships to Land: Reflections on a Historic Plant Gathering Agreement between Buffalo National River and the Cherokee Nation
VAN VLACK, Kathleen (Living Heritage Rsch Council) Ceremony and Re/connection: The Ioway and Effigy Mounds National Monument
JINKA RAMAMURTHY, Malavika (MS State U) “Development” Definitions of Internally Displaced People and the Government: A Case Study of the Chenchu Tribe in the Nallamala Forest of Southern India

(F-96) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado F
Natural Resources in the Age of Citizenship (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

KNOWLTON, David (UVU) Disputed Citizenship: Indigenous Peruvians, Mines, and the State
ESCOBEDO GARCIA, Nataly (UCI) Groundwater Governance: A Critical Review
BUROW, Paul (Yale U) Nature’s Belonging: Landscapes, Conservation, and the Cultural Politics of Place in the Great Basin
CECALE, Courtney (UCLA) Climate Change Adaptation and the Rise of Scientistic Governance
GANAPATHY, Sandhya (St. Lawrence U) Reproductive Resources in Settler States
DISCUSSANT: MCDONALD, James (U Montevallo)

(F-97) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado G
Climate Change in the Coastal and Marine Environment: Impacts and Adaptation, Part I (Fisheries TIG)

CHAIRS: CLAY, Patricia M. (NOAA Fisheries), FISKE, Shirley (UMD)
CLAY, Patricia M., COLBURN, Lisa L., and LUCEY, Sean (NOAA Fisheries), ST. MARTIN, KevinPINSKY, MalinRADER, AlanaSELDEN, Rebecca, and YOUNG, Talia (Rutgers U) Understanding Adaptation to Climate Change: Linking Communities on Land and at Sea
STOFFLE, Brent (NOAA) In the Wake of Two Storms: An Impact Assessment of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the St. Croix and St. Thomas Fisheries
SWEENEY TOOKES, Jennifer (GA Southern U) and YANDLE, Tracy (Emory U) Perspectives on Climate Change in Georgia’s Fishing Communities
FISKE, Shirley (UMD) and MARINO, Elizabeth (OSU-Cascades) Coastal Communities and Climate Change: A Slow-Onset Disaster

(F-98) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Alvarado H
Global Health Inequities

CHAIR: VEILE, Amanda (Purdue U)
AYALA, ArmidaCERVANTES, Gabriela, and SANCHEZ, Isabel Marcela (Kaiser Permanente S CA) From Subjects to Citizens: Vulnerable Groups, Biomedical Research and Cultural Citizenship in the United States
VEILE, Amanda (Purdue U) Urbanization, Migration and Indigenous Health in Peru
HORAN, Holly and CHEYNEY, Melissa (U Alabama) Pregnancy and Birth in a Complex Society: Scaling-Up Doula Services for Medicaid Populations in Oregon
NOUVET, Elysee, KADER KONDE, Mandy, KOUYATE, Sekou, BAH-SOW, Oumou, DIALLO, Alpha, PRINGLE, John, HUNT, Matthew, SCHWARTZ, Lisa, CHENIER, Ani, MUYEMBE, Jean-Jacquest, and MUNDAY, Felicien (U W Ontario) Transforming Participant-Research Power Relations in Clinical Trials?: Reflections on a Toolbox Developed With and For Limited Literacy Adults in Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo

(F-99) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Millennial Bodies: Exploring the Sociocultural and Political-Economic Realities (Re)Shaping a Generation (SMA)

CHAIR: MCGUIRE, Joseph (U Alabama)
MCGUIRE, Joseph (U Alabama) ‘Not how I thought life would be’: Exploring the Effects of Protracted Liminality and Sociocultural Incongruity on the Millennial Body
HSIEH, Wen-Hung (U Alabama) Taiwanese Ambiguous Body: Embodying Global Exclusion
PATTERSON, Dillon (U Alabama) Ibogaine Is Not a Drug: Rejecting the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Claim on ‘Our’ Bodies
DISCUSSANT: MCCLURE, Stephanie (U Alabama)

FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
SMA Board Meeting

(F-101) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Changing Climates and Agricultural Impacts (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: CALLAWAY, Donald (Independent)
SCHUMAN, Andrea F. (Ctr for Sci & Soc Studies) Climate Disruption, Migration and Militarization: A View from Mesoamerica
VOSS, Danielle (CSBSJU) Global and Local Solutions to Food Security in a Changing Climate: An Evaluation through a Gendered Lens
CALLAWAY, Donald (Independent) Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security in the Arctic
KATZ, Solomon H. (U Penn) Can the World Recipes Project (WRP) Help to Enhance Food Sovereignty among Indigenous Peoples by Contributing New Sources of Safe, Healthy, Affordable, Attractive, and Sustainable Foods?

(F-102) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Contested Cultural Citizenship and Family Inclusion: Insights from the Field

CHAIRS: PFISTER, Anne E. (UNF), EVERSON, Courtney (CO State U)
PFISTER, Anne (UNF) Language and Identity in Hearing Families with Deaf Children
EVERSON, Courtney (CO State U) Contested Identities, Challenged Baselines: Child Welfare as a Contemporary Contact Zone
CANNON, Anneliese (Westminster Coll) From K-Pop to Haram: Being and Belonging in One After School Program
CAMPBELL-MONTALVO, Rebecca (UConn) Language as an Arbiter to School Resources for Latino Im/migrants in the Florida Heartland

(F-103) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Households and Landscapes: Exploring the Social and Ecological Dynamics of Agrarian Change, Part I (PESO)

CLIGGETT, Lisa (UKY) Gwembe Tonga Farmers on the Frontier: Livelihood Strategies, Political Dynamics and Land Cover Change
KING, Samantha (UNCCH) Plantations and Peasants: How Patterns of Colonial Land Use Structure Possibilities for Sustainable Agriculture in Dominica
UBIALI, Bruno and NELSON, Donald (UGA), COUGHLAN, Michael (U Oregon) Through the Generations: Household Adaptations to Changing Social and Environmental Contexts
ROJAS, Alfredo and WEST, Colin Thor (UNCCH) Changing the Landscape: Local Soil and Water Conservation Practices in Burkina Faso
WEST, Colin Thor (UNCCH) Landscape Perspectives on Land Degradation Neutrality in Northern Burkina Faso

(F-104) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Open Discussion of Three Sessions on Conflicting Interests and Expectations of Higher Education Constituencies (Higher Ed TIG)


(F-105) FRIDAY 1:30-3:20
Unions in Academia: Cultural Citizenship or Response to Volatility in Academe (Higher Ed TIG)


(F-109) FRIDAY 2:30-5:30
Chaco Hotel – Gathering II
Mentoring Workshop: Building Professional Networks in Anthropological Science (SAS Workshop, Fee $20)


(F-121) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Avarado A
Citizenship in Times of Crisis: Rural Communities’ Perceptions of the State in Post-Disaster Haiti (Risk & Disaster TIG)

TILUS, Castelline (She Builds Global Initiative) Sourcing the Truth: Presenting Ground-Level Data on Perceptions of the State and Government Officials
PRENTICE-WALZ, Heather (UCSB) “Nou pa gen leta”: Community Perceptions of the State in Rural Haiti
JEAN-BAPTISTE, Stephanie (LUC) Apre Bondye se leta: Exploring the Relationship between NGO Presence in Haiti and the Perceived Role of the Haitian State

(F-122) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado B
Cultural Citizenship: Crossings, Crosscurrents, and Countercurrents of Human Movement (Tourism TIG)

CHAIR: STUMPF-CAROME, Jeanne Marie (Kent State U Geauga)
HECK, Patricia (U S Sewanee) Is ‘Blut’ Thicker Than ‘Wasser’?: Post-Reunification Ethnic German Migration to East Germany and Contextual Anthropology
DONAHUE, Katherine (Plymouth State U/White Ash Inst) Gilets Noirs/Gilets Jaunes: Protesting for Rights while Occupying Symbolic Spaces
BAUER, Daniel (USI) In Defense of Territory and Cultural Patrimony: Tourism, Identity, and Citizenship Rights in Coastal Ecuado
STUMPF-CAROME, Jeanne Marie (Kent State U Geauga) and CARDENAS CARRASCO, Juan (CAB) Tourism, Tracts and Tensions in Sabah and Peru

(F-123) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado C
Female Migration and Family Care (Immigration TIG)

RIVA, Susan (Creighton U) Dual Citizenship and Social Processes of Belonging
SCHERBINSKE, Shanna (U Washington) Volunteer Perspectives on Refugee Resettlement
VALENZUELA, Robin (Indiana U) Contingent Citizens: Mexican-American Wards and Transnational Family Reunification
VICKERS, Mary and KLINE, Nolan (Rollins Coll), ECONOMOS, Jeannie (Farmworker Assoc FL), The Hope Community Center (Apopka, Florida) Coming of Age Under Trump: The Impact of Anti-Immigrant Politics and Policies on Latinx Youth
WEHRER, Margaret (SUNY Polytechnic) Migrant Farmworkers and the 2020 Census: Challenges and Possibilities

(F-124) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado D
Digital Technologies and Cultural Citizenship

CHAIR: ZHANG, Shaozeng (OR State U)
PLEASANT, Traben (OR State U) Island Barriers and Neglected Citizens: Black and Indigenous Perspectives on Education and Technology in Bocas del Toro, Panama
GEYMAN, Zoe (WUSTL) Cyborg Citizen: A Transnational View of Cyborg Biopolitics
CHUN, Boh (OR State U) Mobile Interactive Media and Performances of Masculine Citizenship in Korea
DE ASSIS NUNES, Ana Carolina (OR State U) Politics of the Discourse: New Paths to a Citizenship Project through the Concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Humanit
CHEN, Yalong (U Penn) Digital and Divisible: A Review on the Cultural Root of Modern Digital Technologies

(F-125) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado E
We Never Forgot: Internally Relocated People Re/connect with Homelands, Part II

CHAIR: STOFFLE, Richard W. (U Arizona)
PLESHET, Noah (U Arizona) Returns to Country: 20th Century Indigenous Migrations in Central Australia
SITTLER, Christopher E. (U Arizona) Remembering Protected Places: Indigenizing Park Narratives through Puebloan Oral Histories
SEOWTEWA, Octavius (Zuni Cultural Resource Team) Talking with Springs: Zuni People Re/connect with a Sacred Spring in Canyonlands NP

(F-126) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado F
Sharing Ideas & Joining Forces: Connections, Intersections, and Collaborations among Extraction & Environment, Risk & Disaster, and PESO

CHAIR: MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth (Regis U)
PANELISTS: SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamotta U), HANSON, Thomas (U Colorado), HEYMAN, Josiah (UTEP), MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth (Regis U)

(F-127) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado G
Climate Change in the Coastal and Marine Environment: Impacts and Adaptation, Part II (Fisheries TIG)

CHAIRS: CLAY, Patricia M. (NOAA Fisheries), FISKE, Shirley (UMD)
STOLTZ, Amanda (UCSC), MCPHERSON, MatthewJEPSON, MichaelKARNAUSKAS, MandyBLAKE, SuzanaRIOS, Adyan,and SAGARESE, Skyler (NOAA Fisheries) Resilience and Red Tide on the Florida Gulf Coast: Insights from Oral Histories
LEVINE, Arielle, POWELL, Farrah, and ORDONEZ-GAUGER, Lucia (SDSU) Using Lessons from the Past to Inform Future Climate Adaptation in California’s Lobster and Squid Fisheries
FIGUS, Elizabeth and TRAINOR, Sarah (UAF), Organized Village of Kake Climate Change, Knowledge Co-Production, and Boundary Spanning in Alaska

(F-128) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Alvarado H
Community Services, Inclusion, and Belonging

CHAIR: ELLIOTT, Kathryn (MNSU Mankato)
ELLIOTT, Kathryn (MNSU Mankato) Core Diversity Principles Effective in Providing Services across Cultural/Ethnic Differences
SHAY, Kimberly (Wayne State U) The Role of “Relatedness” in Later Life: Prospective Lessons from an Older Adult Volunteer Community
MACEYKO, Melissa (CSULB) Building Sociality through Embodied Interaction: Designing and Implementing a Multiethnic Youth Summer Camp in Rural Bulgaria
HAYASHI, Tom L. (Fielding Grad U) Mattering across Generations: A Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research (PEER) of Intergenerational Mentoring Practices of LGBTQIs in San Francisco
CERVENY, Lee K. and DERRIEN, Monika M. (USFS PNRS) Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion in the Great Outdoors

(F-129) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
What Kind of Substance Is This?
SMA Plenary

CHAIRS: WOLF-MEYER, Matthew (Binghamton U), DOUCET-BATTLE, James (UCSC)
KLENK, Rebecca (UTK) Ghosts, Microscopic Biota, Monoclonal Antibodies and Other Kindred Substances: Thinking Relationally With Autoimmunity
DOUCET-BATTLE, James (UCSC) A Matter of Substance: Mitochondrial DNA, Race, and Kinship
VEGA, Rosalynn (UTRGV) Bacteria R Us?: How Mitochondrial DNA Transforms Kinship
WOLF-MEYER, Matthew (Binghamton U) Sympathetic Magic and Excremental Medicine

(F-130) FRIDAY 3:30-5:00
Pelto International Travel Award Lecture / Wine & Cheese Social

DÍAZ CÓRDOVA, Diego (U Nacional de Lanús, U Buenos Aires) Applied Anthropology in Argentina: A Brief Update Report

(F-131) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Changing Climates, Changing Hazards (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: LAMPE, Frederick (Fritz) (NAU)
WINDSCHITL, Hannah (CSBSJU) Climate Grief: The Disproportionate Impacts of Climate Change on Mental Health in the Global South
LAMPE, Frederick (Fritz) (NAU) To Climate Change and Beyond: Applying Religion to the Mix
STANLEY, Erik (ENMU) Agricultural Development, Religious Conversion and Changing Responses to the Fungus Monilia in the Belizean Cacao Industry
ALESHIRE, Jewel (UNT) The Impacts of Climate Change: A Comparative Study of Fiji and Tuvalu
CANNON, Terry (Inst of Dev Studies) Why Do Disaster Risk Reduction Institutions Ignore Culture and Risk Perception?

(F-132) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Economies and Contingent Disability (SDS)

LINCOLN, Martha (SFSU) The Value of Illness: Affective Economies in Crowdfunding for Cancer
KAUR BRAR, Gurjinder (Panjab U) Effect of Height Variability on the Association of Body Mass Index with Cognitive Impairment: An Anthropological Study of Rural Community of North India
MARATHE, Megh (U Michigan) The Contingent and Relational Nature of Epilepsy Diagnosis
OLIVEIRA, Bernardo (CUNY) Allow Me To Speak Louder Than My Scars

(F-133) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Inside the Black Box: Considerations and Concerns When Studying Rural Households, Part II (PESO)

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: CLIGGETT, Lisa (UKY), FINAN, Timothy (U Arizona), KING, Samantha (UNCCH), NELSON, Donald (UGA), WEST, Colin Thor (UNCCH), WILK, Richard (Indiana U)

(F-134) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Achieving Institutional Wisdom through Cultural Transformation: An Exploration of Strategies for Success (Higher Ed TIG)

MONNIER, Nicole (U Missouri) ‘Change Is Opportunity’ –or– Framing Change in an Age of Mandates
KERLIN, Alisha (UNLV) From Hidden Jewel to Nexus
WEISMAN, Anne (UNLV Med Sch) Achieving Institutional Wisdom through Cultural Transformation: An Exploration of Strategies for Success
GRAHAM, Steve (U Missouri System) and DONALDSON, Joe (U Missouri) Cultural Obstacles to Change in Higher Education

(F-135) FRIDAY 3:30-5:20
Anthropology and Other Disciplines: Opportunities and Challenges (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: BRILLER, Sherylyn (Purdue U) 
STANLEY, Flavia (Lesley U) The Challenges and Promises of Teaching Anthropology to (Future) Social Workers
STONECIPHER, Jessica-Jean (UFL) Anthropology in Pre-health Curriculums: A Case Study in Athens, Greece
LANE, Sandra D. and RUBINSTEIN, Robert A. (Syracuse U) Integrating Anthropology into Health Professional Education
TYSON, Will (USF) Leaving Four-Year STEM Programs to Earn a STEM AS/AAS Degree
NYSSA, ZoeWHITMAN, MadissonLINDSAY, Ian, and BRILLER, Sherylyn (Purdue U) Applied Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies (STS): What Can These Fields Learn from Each Other?

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alvarado A
SAS Reception

(F-153) FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alvarado C
Subsistence Diversity and Human Securities in Migration (Immigration TIG)

CHAIR: INGRAM, Scott (Colorado Coll)
ARNOLD, Taylor, QUANDT, Sara A., MORA, Dana C., ARCURY, Thomas A., SANDBERG, Joanne C.TALTON, Jennifer W., and DANIEL, Stephanie S. (Wake Forest Med Sch) Educational Outcomes for Migrant and Seasonal Latinx Child Farmworkers in North Carolina
FLY, Jessie and BOUCQUEY, Noelle (Eckerd Coll) “They’ll Eat Anything”: Negotiating the Commons in Tampa Bay From-Shore Fishing Spaces
GULLETTE, Gregory (GA Gwinnett Coll) and SINGTO, Sayamon (U Georgia) Capitalist Restructuring, Precarity, and Sociocultural Exclusion in Contemporary Bangkok (2009-2019)
INGRAM, Scott and PATRICK, Shelby (Colorado Coll) Human Securities and Migration in the 13th through 15th Century US Southwest and Mexican Northwest

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alvarado F
ExtrACTION & Environment TIG Business Meeting

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alvarado G
Risk & Disaster TIG Business Meeting

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alvarado H
GBV TIG Business Meeting

(F-162) FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Studying Pain and Disability (SMA)

WILSON, Susan (NMSU) Accessible Tourism for Mobility Challenged International Travelers
MCLELLAND, Rachel (TTU) The Normalization of Pain in Female D1 Athletes
MUZYCZKA, Kelly (UFL) Race and Total Knee Replacements

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
Alcohol, Drugs, & Tobacco Study Group Meeting

FRIDAY 5:30-6:50
NAPA Networking Event

The NAPA Networking Event is a chance to network with professional anthropologists in a social setting. In preparation for employment as an anthropologist it is important to build a network of professionals who can show us our options and provide advice about what we can do and where we might go. This event is designed for students, recent graduates, and early career professionals. Snacks will be provided.

FRIDAY 6:00-7:00
Celebration of the Life and Work of June Nash, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Anthropology, CUNY (1927-2019)

Join us this evening to celebrate June Nash: scholar, teacher, mentor, feminist, political economist, mother, friend, wife, and extraordinary human. The impact of June’s work and life reaches far: her decades of teaching at the Graduate Center at City University of New York and her longstanding fieldwork in the Americas resulted ethnographies, activism, and even marriages. Among her classic works are We Eat the Mines and the Mines Eat Us: Dependency and Exploitation in Bolivian Tin Mines (Columbia, 1979) and From Tank Town to High Tech: The Clash of Community and Industrial Cycles (SUNY 1989). Those who knew June remember her as an indefatigable fieldworker, dedicated professor, and thrower of the best parties. Please come raise a toast to this exceptional, influential anthropologist and share your favorite June stories.

FRIDAY 5:45-6:45
Casa Esencia
Sustaining Fellows Reception

FRIDAY 7:00-9:00
Alvarado A
SAS Business Meeting

FRIDAY 7:00-9:30
Alvarado D
SfAA Awards Ceremony
Reception to Follow

The Awards Ceremony is the high point of the annual meeting.  President Briller will preside.  The Program will recognize and feature the winners of the Margaret Mead Award, Sol Tax Award, and the Bronislaw Malinowski Award.  A reception will follow and hors d’oervres will be served; beverages will be available for purchase. 

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